How to Recover a Stuck Batch from Microsoft Dynamics GP

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“Help! My batch is stuck in GP!” This is the most common call coming across our Help Desk at The Resource Group. This situation arises when someone is trying to edit or post a batch of Financial, Payables or Receivables transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The symptoms are typically either that the Batch Status shows as “Marked,” “Printing,” or “Posting” without completion, or that the user receives an error message when trying to access the batch, stating that the batch is either being edited by another user or is marked for posting. Every once in a while the batch will even go to Batch Recovery. However, when the user tries to continue the batch processing from the Batch Recovery window, a redundant error message is received instructing the user to go to Batch Recovery, and no other errors are presented. This is like a detour sign that directs you back to the original closed road. The user then finds themselves in a predicament of having a batch of transactions that they are unable to access or post. Not only is the batch stuck, but the user feels stuck now, too!


There are many possible causes for a stuck batch, including power fluctuations, loss of network connection and server issues. While those are the most common and technical of the issues, we also want to rule out other possibilities, such as another user really does have the batch open or that the processing is just slow. As such, it is wise to first double check with other users to make sure they don’t have the batch open, and also to wait a considerable time – say a half hour – to be sure the batch is not still processing.


Once determined that the batch really is stuck, the correction is done on the SQL server by following these steps:


  1. Make a backup of your data
  2. On the server, log in to the SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Click on New Query
  4. Select the company database in the database dropdown menu on the toolbar
  5. Execute the following statement, where XXX is the ID of the batch:
  6. Select the DYNAMICS database in the database dropdown menu on the toolbar
  7. Execute the following statement, where XXX is the ID of the batch:

This process will remove the batch from Batch Recovery (if it was there), and set the Batch Status to Available. The user should then verify that the transactions that are in the batch did not actually post. If any transactions did post, they need to be deleted from the batch.  If all transactions in the batch posted, the batch can be deleted.


If the batch was an AP check batch, it is best practice to delete the batch and re-select checks to avoid possible corrupted data.


If the batch was not an AP check batch, then the user should run an edit list to verify the accuracy of the transactions in the batch and check for any errors prior to trying to post the batch.


Lastly, if the batch still does not post or remains stuck, you will need to contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner’s help desk for additional support.


By Sheri Carney, The Resource Group

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