Can an Unexpected Storm Blow the Cloud — and Your Business — Offline?

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It’s official: storm season is upon us. But when severe weather hits, have you ever wondered what really happens to your cloud-based accounting tools?

It’s funny to think that some people believe that thunderstorms can have an effect on the cloud. Fortunately, when we talk about the cloud, we’re not talking about those storm clouds up in the sky—we’re talking about your Microsoft Dynamics GP in a hosted cloud environment. If you’re considering cloud-based Dynamics GP, you can stop worrying about thunderstorms and start thinking about what you should look for in a cloud provider.

Not all cloud providers are the same. That’s why with a private cloud, like our Myappsanywhere Cloud, it’s easy for your business to stay calm, cool, and collected—whether it’s severe weather season or not. With Myappsanywhere’s private cloud, your business can function anywhere at any time.


How Myappsanywhere Cloud Can Help Your Business

There are a few things you should know about our private Myappsanywhere Cloud that makes us a little different. This includes:

  • Many Departments, One System - With Microsoft Dynamics GP integrated in the Myappsanywhere Cloud, everyone in your company is working on the same platform—regardless of whether or not they are in the same office building.
  • Only Pay for What You Use – The Myappsanywhere Cloud allows you to scale the number of Microsoft Dynamics GP user licenses up or down based on your business’ needs. This gives you the benefit to adjust the number of users you actually need for each month, not for the number of users you might need for the whole year.
  • Protection from the Latest Cyber Threats – With Myappsanywhere’s Cloud, your data is secured from internet based DDoS attacks at no extra cost, consistent monitoring controls evaluated by a team of security professionals, and triple-redundant internet connectivity.
  • Locally Sourced Dynamics Support –With your applications in the Myappsanywhere Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics experts are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to support your GP needs.
  • Always On, Always Ready – The Myappsanywhere Cloud also boasts a 99.999% network guarantee, which is less than 30 seconds of downtime a month.


There are also many other benefits businesses embrace in the cloud, such as reduced cost and the ability to work mobile when out of the office. The cloud also makes sharing data effortless by eliminating the process of emailing large files or saving copies on thumb drives.

See here to explore more benefits of moving your Microsoft Dynamics GP applications to our Myappsanywhere Cloud.

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