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Myappsanywhere 's Logo Why You Should Connect Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Want to know on which day of the month a particular item sells best? Curious about why revenue is increasing in one territory but not in others? You probably have […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo Why Are So Many Companies Loyal to Cloud Providers?

At first they balked at the cloud, but now it seems they can’t imagine doing business any other way. Or so suggests a recent survey released by Microsoft and 451 […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo Ease the Burden of Tax Season with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Does your business consider tax season is a painful process? It could be a sign to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP to save you hours of unnecessary work. Microsoft Dynamics […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo Can an Unexpected Storm Blow the Cloud — and Your Business — Offline?

It’s official: storm season is upon us. But when severe weather hits, have you ever wondered what really happens to your cloud-based accounting tools? It’s funny to think that some […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo What Is the Difference between SPLA and Open Value Licensing?

The question we get asked a lot by customers is to explain the different options they have available when purchasing Microsoft Dynamics licensing. If things were not already complicated enough […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo Should Your Cloud Provider Be a Microsoft Dynamics Expert?

Having a cloud service provider that doesn’t offer Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM expertise in addition to hosting expertise is like saying you’ll hire the first applicant who applies for […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo Who Is the Man in the Cloud?

Do you use public file synchronization services like Google Drive and Drop Box to store your data (think those Excel spreadsheets you’re downloading from your Dynamics GP)? If so, that’s […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo What Is Scalable Licensing?

Have you ever heard cloud providers throw around the phrase ‘scalable licensing’? It’s a popular phrase in the industry, but it’s a concept that isn’t widely understood. Simply put, scalable […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo Logging Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP the RIGHT Way

Think that logging out of Microsoft Dynamics GP is as simple as clicking the big red X button at the top right of your screen? Think again: logging out of […]

Myappsanywhere 's Logo If Your Commute Is Killing You, Hosted Dynamics Can Help

With more than 100 million people in America who commute every day to work, it’s becoming pertinent to incorporate a hosted work-at-home option to enhance personal well-being. Average happiness levels […]


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