VIDEO: Top 4 Ways an Accounting Software Partner Should Help You

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Software is not your only consideration when selecting a new ERP, financial management, and/or project accounting system. It’s also important to choose a proven software and technology partner. A good partner has experienced, readily available support personnel on their Help Desk. Their staff has expertise that can deliver you a successful implementation, custom development and reporting, training in the software and process improvements that will make you more efficient.

Another consideration for financial management ERP selection is how a partner can help you become a part of an ERP software community. Do they hold regular user group meetings, provide webinars on new releases and features, and get you plugged into national conferences where you can network with other customers, attend a breadth of technical sessions, and get the most out of your system?

Finally, a good partner has proven commitment to the software, establishes a long-term relationship with you, and is involved with product development with the publisher. Learn more about these 4 ways a partner should help you.

Top 4 Ways an Accounting Software Partner Should Help You


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