Five Fab Features of GP2015

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Wondering why you should consider upgrading or purchasing GP2015? Let us share some of the fabulous best new features we have come across in this latest version of Dynamics GP.

  1. Refreshable Excel Reports – You now have the ability to create customized Excel reports. So now you don’t have to login to GP for these reports and there is no need to export them from SmartLists to Excel
  2. All In One Document Viewer – The Purchasing module now has a new window that has all related purchasing docs including POs, receipts, invoices, payments and returns. Saving you time in searching for docs in multiple windows.
    All in One
  3. Historical Received Not Invoiced Report – This is a new SSRS report. This allows you to see what items were received but not invoiced as of a specific date.
  4. Auto Deposit Cash Receipts in Bank Rec – This is a new feature that allows cash receipts to directly update the check book balance, which eliminates the need to post from the bank deposit entry window.
  5. Combined General Ledger Inquiry Windows – Yeah! You no longer need to go to two different windows, now the Inquiry window has been consolidated with open and historical years.
    Detail Inquiry
    Summary Inquiry

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