GP Service Packs - Answering the What, Why and How

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What is a Service Pack?

A Service Pack is a periodic software update issued by Microsoft to provide new features and functionality, meet government reporting requirements, remedy software bugs and provide compatibility with new Windows releases.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, Service Packs are available at no additional cost if you are currently on a Microsoft Software Maintenance plan.

Why should I pay attention?

Service Packs are no longer just a collection of bug fixes.  Many of the new features that Microsoft releases are now included in a Service Pack, rather than the initial major version release. Features such as SmartList Designer, Additional Reports, Paste Journal Entries from Excel, and AP Invoice Workflow Approval debuted in Service Pack releases.

Long-standing issues or bugs may also be resolved.  The list of fixes is available with the Service Pack Download.

When do they come out?

Service Packs are issued by Microsoft approximately every six months.

Late in the year – November or December, a year-end compliance service pack is usually released.  These include changes to 1099 and W2 formats and Affordable Care Act updates.  If you use GP Payroll, you should be on the lookout for these.

In addition, Hot Fixes are issued monthly.

How do I find out when a Service Pack has been released?

Notifications about Service Packs are available right on your Home Page in Dynamics GP.  Make sure that you have the Connect feature enabled on your home page in order to get up-to-date information about service packs, tax updates, and year-end processing.

You can receive email notifications about Service Packs by signing up in for the Insights Newsletter on your CustomerSource account.   If you don’t know how to sign up, notify your partner.

How do I get the Service Pack?

Service Packs can be downloaded from CustomerSource.   If you require assistance with installing your Service Pack, contact your Dynamics GP Partner for assistance.  Be sure to check your Third Party products for compatibility with the Service Pack before installing.

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