Digitizing: What to do first

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Digitizing - What to do first
Digitizing - What to do first

Congratulations, you've finally made the big decision to use document management software to access your company's critical files on computers. This means the business isn't in the Dark Ages anymore and is actually taking advantage of the technology that has been around for a while that can make all employees' jobs a bit easier.

Whatever your reason for saying yes to this - perhaps it's the massive cost savings that can be reaped by even the smallest of startups or the convenience that everyone from internal workers to external business partners can enjoy - the advantages are almost immediate.

However, starting off can be a little tough. Because many company administrators have no prior knowledge of the digitization process, once they've purchased the right management software and invested in the necessary scanners, they might not know where to begin.

Luckily, there's really no wrong way to approach implementing electronic workflow - it's up to the leaders to decide where they want to kick off the project. That being said, there are some guidelines and helpful suggestions out there.

For instance, Work Awesome suggested that simply jumping into the deep end right away and scanning old documents first is often a good tactic. The source stated that this also requires workers to come up with an effective method of scanning every paper once, naming them correctly on the computer program and disposing of them properly.

Others like to sort through everything ahead of time to make sure all of the papers are in order and no documents were overlooked. PCWorld indicated that going this route tends to be pretty time-consuming, but it can also be good because long-forgotten files are often uncovered. Only after everything is gone through can workers start methodically digitizing.

Regardless of exactly what step is taken first, following through and being particular about the process almost always yields positive results.

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