Moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and the Value of a Test Company

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As many of you know, with the new licensing model for Microsoft Dynamics GP you will gain access to a number of additional modules.  With all of this functionality at your disposal, a test company can become invaluable.

Here are some considerations for creation of a test company:

  1. Perform an assessment of the modules currently used in your production environment and the modules you will add when updating to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  2. Once you have upgraded to GP 2013, create the test company and restore your production data into it so that it will be reflective of your existing environment
  3. Install & set up a module that is not currently being utilized so that you can review it’s functionality and do testing
  4. When you’ve completed your testing and decided it will be a good fit for your company, the test company can be used to assist in defining your processes and procedures prior to roll out to your production environment
  5. The test company can also provide an environment for the development of internal training materials
  6. Working within a test company you may identify new opportunities for integrating your solution with other internal applications, possibly providing some efficiencies to your organization.


If you have additional questions about what new modules you will gain with your update to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, please contact , OTT, Inc., .

OTT, Inc. is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner and member of Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club for 2012 and Accounting Today’s Top Var 100 list for 2012.

By Barb Schroth CPA, Senior Consultant, with OTT, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota. Leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM partner.

1 thought on “Moving to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and the Value of a Test Company”

  1. hi im just wondering, after restoring the live company database to test company database, then when i open my test company database of gp.. why there is no setup configuration and all my masterfiles (customers, vendors, items) are not in my test still confused.. needs enlightenment:)

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