Improve Conversions on Your E-Commerce Website with These Tips

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When it comes to developing and operating an ecommerce website, there are many tools available for businesses to use to better enhance the user experience. It is possible to present the user with visuals, reviews, and suggested add-ons that paint a picture of what a product would look like or how it would function in real life. So where do you start? Try implementing these tips to improve your ecommerce conversion rates:

1. Use Visuals

When listing products on your website, you should include visual tools for your users. The simplest way to do this is with strong written copy and images of the product. To take it one step further, use video to show the user your products. For example, as a clothing retailer, a video could be of a person modeling the apparel. Or for an electronic company, the videos created could be product demos.

2. Streamline the Checkout Process

In our latest blog, ways to lower your shopping cart abandonment rate were explored. To highlight, consumers want a checkout process that is quick and easy. Many do not want to create accounts with individual merchants and they want to be provided with all information regarding costs upfront. With that said, offer guest checkout and do not hide shipping costs. Create a checkout process that is easy to navigate and can be completed in a short amount of time.

3. Offer Promotions

One thing consumers enjoy about ecommerce is the ability to shop around. Therefore, to make sure a customer buys from you, offer promotions. These include free shipping, buy one/get one specials and markdowns.

4. Be Social

Being active on social media sites helps built an image for your business. This involves more than just slapping a post on Facebook from time to time. To really develop a social presence, you have to interact with your consumers. A great example of how to make this work from an ecommerce standpoint is by sharing images your consumers have uploaded of themselves wearing or using your products to sites like Instagram or Twitter. To again take it one step further, use marketing tools to provide them with relevant hashtags to use and give them an incentive for doing so.

If you are in need of a solution that will help improve your current ecommerce website, or have yet to build a site, contact Azox today and learn how we can help you improve the overall shopping experience for your customers. Azox ecommerce solutions are “built on” Microsoft Dynamics GP and feature add-ons that complete a web store, including secure payment processing and an online bill pay portal.

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