Adding One-Page Checkout to your Ecommerce Website Can Lead to an Increase in Conversions

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The consumer that shops online is constantly evolving. In the beginning, consumers had concerns about ecommerce surrounding security, but as time has progressed, the buying and selling of goods and services online has continued to increase. With that growth, consumer trust of online shopping has increased as well, which has brought us to today’s consumer who is very well versed with shopping online; this is reflected in the continued growth of online sales. Now it is about providing consumers with an environment they can easily navigate to find what they are looking for and then allowing them to make a purchase quickly and with ease.

Since the final purchase is what drives ecommerce, making the checkout process quick and easy is key. According to an inforgraphic created by Invesp, when it comes to abandoned shopping carts, 14 percent of consumers said they bailed due to no option for guest checkout, 12 percent claimed the website needed too much information and 11 percent thought the checkout process was too complex. When that is taken into consideration, providing consumers with the option to proceed through checkout as a guest or presenting just one page for billing and shipping information can increase conversions.

Not all businesses have implemented this strategy. According to Innotrac Corp., in 2012, on average three checkout pages were involved in an ecommerce order with just seven percent of merchants having one page checkout as an option. However, one page guest checkout is not a feature to overlook.

In 2010, an A/B split test was conducted between one-page versus two-page checkout. Results showed that after just 300 transactions, one-page checkout reigned supreme with a 21.8 percent improvement over two-page checkout. This study can be viewed here.

In conclusion, when it comes to the checkout process, one page checkout is the clear winner. Use your web store to entice users and increase their desire to make a purchase. Then, when that decision has been made, provide them with an effortless checkout process. One page may not seem like much, however the only data a merchant needs to gather is personal information, shipping and billing addresses and a payment method. Keep your form in that order too as the sequence is logical. After a name and an email address have been entered, the user can move on to their shipping information, which is likely to be the same as their billing information. And then the payment information can be collected last, just prior to validation.
Azox offers one page/guest checkout as part of our ecommerce solution. Contact our sales team for more information.

by Azox, Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner

4 thoughts on “Adding One-Page Checkout to your Ecommerce Website Can Lead to an Increase in Conversions”

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  2. This is very interesting I have done a few test with multi page and single page checkouts and still have not found what is best. Do you have any stats on the tests you have completed?

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