Dynamics GP Shipping Software Integration: Three Key Cost Saving Benefits

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Is your shipping process manual or disconnected from your Dynamics GP system? If the answer is yes chances are you are having to re-key information from one system to another. StarShip shipping software integrates UPS Freight, FedEx Freight and several other carrier software interfaces with your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system eliminating redundant data entry so you can spend your valuable time more productively.

There are three key cost saving benefits to the StarShip shipping software Dynamics GP integration:
1. Reduce repetitious inbound calls to customer service by automating email notifications: StarShip shipping software pulls ship to emails in from Dynamics GP. StarShip shipping software maps up to five emails from Dynamics GP. This allows the user to proactively contact customers with tracking information to cut down on the amount of customer service calls received about delivery status. There are three different types of email notifications :

a. Ship Notice – This will let the customer know their product has shipped this comes with tracking information

b. Delivery Notice – Notifies the customer of delivery

c. Exception Notice – If the package is lost in transit or they tried to deliver the package and it wasn’t able to be delivered.

2. Cut back on carrier address correction fees using the address validation feature in StarShip shipping software. This feature, standard with the Dynamics GP StarShip integration, alerts the user if there is an issue with the Dynamics GP address and also validates residential vs. commercial. This enables the Dynamics GP user to correct the information prior to sending the shipment saving money and retaining customer satisfaction. The ship-to address is automatically checked against the USPS database so if there are any issues with the address the user is flagged with an exception notice in StarShip. If the address is correct, the user will receive the green check mark indicating the address is okay.

3. Invoice faster with StarShip shipping software for Dynamics GP by pushing all the shipment information back into the Dynamics GP sales order processing module once the order is processed in the warehouse. This speeds up the invoicing process by getting accurate freight charges back on the document at the time of shipment and updating the batch ID. No need to wait for the documentation to come back into the office to key that information in manually. Freight rules, a standard feature in StarShip shipping software, gives you further control over the freight amount by allowing you to mark up/down or conditionally define the amount. Dynamics GP Users have the order header notes which will be updated with the date and time the shipment went out along with the service that was used, the billing method, the number of pieces, weight and all of the related tracking information. This note is customizable.

Written by Guest Author: Adrian Montgomery. Adrian is the creator of https://www.erpvar.com and has over 15 years in the ERP software industry.

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  1. Great Inventory Management process! Provides access to detailed inventory information from a central location, has easy to use stock analysis tools and flexible reporting capabilities, it improves picking efficiency with multi-bin tracking and enables the creation of personalized pricing schemes to meet customer demands. Blends well with other GP modules, such as Sales Order Processing, Invoicing and General Ledger to streamline inventory and sales processes.

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