As Easy as Copy, Paste and Import: Infinia Integrator for Bringing Excel Data into Microsoft Dynamics GP

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According to this article in the Wall Street Journal, “Microsoft Office continues to have more than a 90% market share for "business-productivity software," as the category is known and more than an 80% share of corporate email, according to research firm Gartner Inc.”. This goes to show that companies use Office and Excel to conduct their business operations. This is especially true for financial transactions. Microsoft Excel is used to track all components of accounting, but it doesn’t give the real-time insight that companies need on a daily basis. This is where Microsoft Dynamics GP comes into play.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive and intuitive accounting solution, but the data entered into it has to be accurate. The most crucial step in making your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution work for you is the act of importing data into your system. This data needs to be exact for you to paint a true picture of your financials at any given time. Infinia Integrator ensures that data remains accurate and is extremely easy to use. If you can use Microsoft Excel, you can use Infinia Integrator…

Infinia Integrator is as Easy as 1.2.3: Copy, Paste and Import

  1. Copy- First, you need to copy transactions from Excel, such as General Ledger (GL) journal entries that are prepared by accountants at month end. Without Infinia Integrator, users would have to key data into Microsoft Dynamics GP or go through a complex technical exercise to use an import tool. In Infinia Integrator, you can highlight data right within Excel, right mouse click and select copy.
  2. Paste- Then you paste that data right into Infinia Integrator. The integrator validates and color codes everything so you can see right away if there’s bad data. Infinia Integrator validates that data first before entering anything into Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  3. Import- If the data is correct, you just click import and everything is automatically uploaded into Microsoft Dynamics GP. It’s then ready to be reviewed and posted as part of the normal process.

As you can see, Infinia Integrator is easy to understand and is finally a user based tool. You don’t need to call in the IT department to import transactions. It’s intuitive and won’t let you miss a thing, improving productivity and accuracy throughout your organization. It’s also very fast, validating data in seconds so you can see on one screen what errors need to be addressed, if any.

Visit us at GPUG in October at Summit 2012 to learn more about Infinia Integrator for Microsoft Dynamics GP or contact us at for a free trial if Infinia Integrator.

By Tom Myers of Infinia Integrator, an Excel Integrator Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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