Dynamics GP Reporting: Life After Management Reporter

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Dynamics GP Reporting: Management Reporter is No Longer an Option

As is often the case with evolving companies like Microsoft, growth necessitates the need to refocus strategy and resources. During this evolution, the niche financial reporting software market has naturally drifted out of focus for Microsoft and two favorite reporting tools for Microsoft customers – Management Reporter and FRx – are no longer viable options.

FRx was discontinued in 2011. New development for Management Reporter ceased long ago, and the end of support is quickly approaching.

Dynamics GP users that rely on Management Reporter are facing a crossroad and must quickly decide on their best path forward for financial reporting.

Adding to the complexity of this decision-making process is the reality that it is not only the financial reporting tool that is on the way out, but also the Dynamics GP ERP. Dynamics GP has joined the list of legacy Microsoft ERPs that will no longer be enhanced, and Microsoft announced it will no longer sell new Dynamics GP licenses in 2025.

While users of Dynamics GP and Management Reporter can still function, reporting processes are not going to get any better…ever. Unless a change is made.

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The decision to continue relying on software that will soon become obsolete is a tough one for many GP users. The change may be inevitable, but with all the demands and monthly deadlines that finance professionals face, there is never a good time for the disruption caused by change.

Which leaves many Dynamics GP users wrestling with the decision: should I stay or should I go?

This decision typically breaks down to two realizations that Dynamics GP users must face:

  • If I stay on Dynamics GP for the next several years, my reporting software has become obsolete and is no longer supported. (IT policies may even prohibit this option because obsolescent software exposes companies to numerous risks.)
  • But if I move to the cloud with Dynamics 365 Business Central or another ERP, then I need a new reporting solution because Management Reporter cannot migrate to the cloud.

Dynamics GP Reporting


The good news is that FYIsoft is an ideal financial reporting solution for Microsoft customers on ANY Dynamics-based ERP, which means we can deliver all the modern financial reporting power that finance teams need, regardless of your ERP.

Whether you remain on GP or move to another ERP, FYIsoft is a win-win for your financial reporting processes. You will gain everything you loved about Management Reporter, and so much more:


FYIsoft: The Ideal Management Reporter Replacement for Dynamics GP Reporting

Our Dynamics GP customers consistently rave about the easy transition, no learning curve, and the time savings they have experienced.

Here are the top seven benefits that our Microsoft Dynamics customers love about FYIsoft:

  1. Familiar “rows, columns, trees” structure that Microsoft users love makes FYIsoft an easy transition with no learning curve or disruption.
  2. Powerful automation features including automated multi-entity consolidation and reporting, automated report distribution, automated report formatting, and more.
  3. Automated conversion of existing reports in Management Reporter with amazing accuracy, which means you don’t waste time recreating all your reports.
  4. Cloud-based solution without the risks of Excel delivers real-time reporting and eliminates the manual work, errors, or importing/exporting of financial data.
  5. Fully integrated suite for reporting, budgeting, and analytics. Dynamics users gain enormous time-savings through our unified platform.
  6. Enterprise-strength and scalable without limits means your business will never outgrow FYIsoft. Even if you switch ERPs in the future, FYIsoft can go with you.
  7. Exceptional support and continued innovation.

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“The minute I saw FYIsoft, I knew I could begin using it right away. I could have been up and running within ten minutes.”

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FYIsoft is the ideal Management Reporter replacement for Dynamics GP reporting, offering the easiest migration path for Microsoft customers seeking improved reporting and FP&A processes. Schedule a demo to learn how you can gain a robust enterprise solution – without the enterprise costs.

By FYIsoft, www.FYIsoft.com.

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