Improving Online E-Commerce through SEO

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ERP storefront integration is just one important factor that can dramatically improve a business. However, before anyone even clicks the “add to cart” button, how do you ensure that your business is generating relevant traffic to your website to generate sales?

Online merchants must realize that incorporating SEO as part of their business strategy is an important step that will continue to grow in significance and evolve over the years. Companies must focus on building a strategy that fits their business and closely monitor their techniques continually over time. Here are two quick tips you can use to optimize your ecommerce storefront.

  1. Using Product Relevant Keywords On Pages

You want to make sure shoppers find what they are looking for and having keywords that support the content on the page is a critical first step. Having good Title Tags and H1 tags are a good place to start.

Title Tags

Title tags explain the title of the page and tell users and search engines what the page is about. Looking at Dell’s category page for Laptops and Notebooks, we can observe how to properly use title tags.



H1 Tags

The H1 heading tag states the most important headline of the page. For Dell’s Laptop category page, the H1 tag is clearly represented near the top and relevant to the content on the page.


  1. Interesting, Sharable Content

Whether it’s having great videos, links, blog posts or photos, having content that people want to share is a great way for generating more inbound links and spreading awareness of products. With the explosion of Pinterest, having an assortment of good, clear product images is a must for companies that deal with consumer goods, especially women’s apparel. Start developing content that is unique and interesting so users can start sharing your content and boost your online presence!

Social Media Sharing


If you already have an online store or plan on starting one and are interested in learning how integrated retail e-commerce sites for Microsoft Dynamics GP can benefit your business please contact us. Azox can also help monitor and generate more traffic to your site with built-in web store analytics and SEO management tools. Download our Free SEO Optimization Guide to learn more tips on how to improve your SEO.

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