AP Automation for Dynamics GP: Creative Solutions Case Study

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Creative Solutions in Healthcare, the second-largest long term care provider in Texas, boasts and extensive network of 85 nursing and assisted living homes. These facilities are strategically situated in both rural and small metropolitan areas, with prominent locations in El Paso and San Antonio.

In the realm of operational challenges, Creative Solutions' AP department grappled with an antiquated paper-based system that drained company resources, times, and labor. Every single invoice flowed through their in-house corporate office, a process prone to manual errors and inefficiencies. The AP team process over 10,000 invoices each month, managing relationships with over 14,000 vendors while handling the brunt of manual invoice entry, and arduous tasks compounded by a relentless influx of paper documents. This dated system placed a significant burden on healthcare administrators during the invoice approval process. It not only consumed valuable time but al diverted attention away from on-site administrators' core responsibilities, including resident care.

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