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Companies that execute industrial projects are increasingly turning to rental management models for both goods and services, especially to plan and execute projects. This trend reflects a global shift.

Both consumers and businesses value the flexibility that rental, leasing, and subscription-based options offer. That’s why they often choose this over being “locked in” to direct and permanent ownership. For industrial project companies, rental, leasing, and subscription-based options can have several benefits, for example improved cash flow and the flexibility to immediately deduct all costs. Furthermore, it offers reduced overhead for service and storage, and the opportunity to expand the number and types of projects a business can offer.

Forecasting accurate project quotations for rental management: The big picture is built upon details

Preparing rental quotes for industrial projects can only be accurate if you can successfully combine multiple types of equipment, for example consumables, transport, and resources. As a result, a customer may request a quote for a project that calls for:

  • Heavy equipment: aerial work platforms, containers, or cranes, all of which have specific requirements for heights and weight.
  • Small equipment: helmets, steel plates, scaffolding, and other items that add up to a daunting amount of bulk equipment.
  • Consumables: vests, hoses, and other essentials that usually come from a container on the job site. You’ll need to make sure your quote has a range for how many consumables will use.
  • Labor: Operators, project managers, drivers, and service technicians, all of whom will need to meet certification and pay-scale requirements.
  • Transport: You may operate your own fleet, or work with a third party for transport. Either way, you’ll be calculating costs for vehicle usage and fuel.


rental management
Image 1: DynaRent enables you to prepare rental quotes efficiently

You need to assess all the variables before you present a quote. Calculations should be as fine-tuned as possible. This way, you can balance costs, revenue goals, and competitive pricing. You’ll also need to verify the availability of everything you’re offering to the customer.

With customers that span 13+ industries and a track record that combines reliability and innovation, DynaRent can help you navigate complex equipment rental projects so that you can complete them on time and within budget.

Curious about our DynaRent Solution Suite? We’re more than happy to provide you with a tailored demonstration. Please contact us at to discuss, or visit and see what we’re up to!

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