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Keep Remote Employees Connected with Business TechnologyIn this global economy, many businesses have employees that work more outside of the office than in it. Sales and service teams work closely with customers, and key employees may work remotely from home or on the road. Your leaders need to maintain communication with remote employees and, conversely, they need to stay in touch with the office. Keep remote employees connected with these handy tools.

Where Are Your Employees Today?

Do you know where your employees are today? It can be a challenge to keep tabs on employees working remotely. A growing business may have multiple locations and you may have employees that travel between locations. Some employees work at customer offices or in the field and others work from home. No matter where they are, employees need access to important corporate information, as well as their own employee-specific information. To ensure swift, secure communication between employees and the office, it may be time to deploy more modern technology.

Two Ways to Bridge the Communication Gap

Maintaining communication with remote employees is as important for them as it is for you. Strong lines of communication are good for productivity and morale. There are times when you may need to share corporate-centric information, like annual reports or announce big changes. On the other hand, employees may have questions regarding their personal or payroll information. Here are two simple, yet powerful, business management solutions you can deploy as add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics® GP Payroll today to bridge the communication gap:

  1. Employee E-Mail Suite: Most employers rely on a direct deposit system for processing payroll. Capitalize on this process by emailing direct deposit earnings statements, W-2 forms, and 1095-C forms to your employees with the Employee E-Mail Suite. Traveling employees don’t need to wait for mailed statements and can retrieve their statements when on the road or on vacation. Statements are sent using a protected PDF that requires an employee password. It’s easy and secure, protecting both your business and your employee. In addition, you can use this service to email other company documents or notices with the same level of security and ease.
  2. Paycheck “What If” Calculator: When working remotely, employees can’t easily set up a meeting with human resources or payroll in person to discuss changes to their paycheck. When a remote employee gets a raise or bonus, there will be an impact on their net paycheck and they may have questions. The Paycheck “What If” Calculator allows employees to make hypothetical changes to their paycheck to see how it might change. They could change federal or state exemptions, evaluate different types of coverage during open enrollment, or see how a bonus could impact their bottom line. Employees can use the Paycheck “What If” Calculator to evaluate such changes without disrupting your payroll department or making changes to the master record.

Maintain Communication with Remote Employees

There will be times when it’s good for business to have employees work remotely without having to touch base with the office. However, a communication gap can create new difficulties. Maintain communication with remote employees by deploying modern technology like the Employee E-Mail Suite and Paycheck “What If” Calculator. Contact Integrity Data for more information about these and other time-saving payroll solutions for Dynamics GP.

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