BAN and Integrity Data Partnership Delivers Superior ACA Reporting Experience

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BAN and Integrity Data Partnership Delivers Superior ACA Reporting ExperienceA new partnership between the Benefit Advisors Network (BAN) and Integrity Data, a leader in Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance solutions, will support BAN member firms by delivering the insight and reporting mechanisms needed to manage changing regulatory obligations for employers under the ACA.

The current healthcare environment is in the midst of disruption. Changes are being seen in every direction and evolving healthcare regulations are adding to the challenge. Employers are struggling to manage a successful business, while keeping an eye on the future and keeping up with fluctuating regulatory pressures.

Take Advantage of This Partnership

BAN is a network of independent, employee benefit brokerage and consulting companies. This powerful network offers tools, technology and expertise to their member firms. Backed with this support, member firms can focus on running their business and planning for their future.

As discussed in a recent press release, Perry Braun, Executive Director of BAN, chose to partner with Integrity Data to deliver even more value to the membership and their clients. One of the “real world solutions to real world problems,” as Braun indicates, is Integrity Data’s ACA Compliance solution.

Patrick Doolin, CEO of Integrity Data, is ready to support BAN and its agency members with Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance support. Putting this innovative technology in place will give employers the confidence that ACA compliance will be managed successfully, accurately and easily. Business intelligence features, time-saving automations and cloud-based updates not only simplify compliance, but also deliver continued compliance through 2017 and beyond.

Achieve ACA Compliance with Integrity Data Technology

Successful businesses are able to maintain focus on their strategic vision and goals, while managing the distractions that often come with an evolving business sector. Maintaining ACA compliance presents a labor-intensive challenge and distraction for employers. Manually collecting and calculating the volume and variety of data needed to ensure ACA compliance is a clear burden on your bottom line and puts your business at risk. Mistakes with ACA reporting can be costly.

Integrity Data has maintained a steady focus on ACA regulations from the very beginning and continues to stay current with the ACA and related IRS regulations. Our cloud-based system offers speedy on-boarding tools and powerful automation with little training or maintenance needed from your employees. Updates are performed behind-the-scenes, with little to no business interruption.

The ACA Compliance solution is easy to learn, easy to use, affordable and comprehensive. This solution streamlines IRS reporting (1095-C and 1094-C) at year-end and provides penalty risk management by tracking eligibility for health benefits all year long. With this technology in place, you can be confident managing year-end ACA compliance reporting requirements for the IRS without having to invest countless hours or dedicated staff to this important task.

Learn more about the BAN and Integrity Data partnership in this press release, then contact Integrity Data for more information about their ACA Compliance solution.

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