Document Management for Millennials: Is your tech up-to-speed?

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Everyone is talking about them, including us. Millennials. This tech-savvy, instant gratification-loving, flexible work schedule-seeking generation is taking over the workforce in, well, force, and changing the way that companies operate. As new generations start to enter your company, it’s important that you change and update some of the processes and procedures to meet their needs.

Where does document management fit in?

First and foremost, the millennial generation is dedicated to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Document management solutions make paper-based processes paperless. For some companies, this is a first step at limiting paper. For others, it’s the icing on the cake and allows them to completely eliminate paper altogether. Either way, a document management solution helps your company reduce its environmental footprint, which is something that the millennial generation as a whole cares deeply about.

Additionally, millennials like instant gratification. They like Amazon Prime Now’s two-hour delivery, they like being able to pay for groceries with their smartphones, they like to access emails, photos, documents, social platforms, etc. from anywhere at any time. Document management solutions, like MetaViewer, offer automated workflow and cloud-based implementation. That means that documents are routed automatically and are available all the time. If an invoice or document needs to be acted on at 10:00 PM on Saturday, it can easily be handled from home, the road, the beach, the plane, the park.

Lastly, millennials like flexibility. Rigid processes that have been in place since your company’s inception will not work for this generation. They like software that is adjustable to meet unique business needs and to meet changing technological trends and developments. This means that frequent upgrades, add-on applications and new functionality is important when looking at document management solutions.

Does the technology at your organization meet the needs of this distinctive generation that is taking over the workforce? If you’re a millennial, what is your favorite office technology?

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