Why Be Reactive, When You Can Take a Proactive Stance With Your Business

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As you well know, business leaders need quick access to reliable data in order make the prudent, data-driven decisions that support business processes. In this digital era, it’s necessary for businesses to be able to act fast in response to customer needs, but also be able to leverage business insights to your competitive advantage. Businesses that are able to take a proactive stance are able to take advantage of marketplace changes and customer trends.

The technology a business uses could be the determining factor between being reactive or proactive. Disparate and specialty systems, spreadsheets and paper-based processes all make it difficult to enter and access key data. For example, you may not know you’ve run out of inventory or exceeded budgets until you find out after-the-fact when an employee or manager is able to catch up on paperwork. Reacting to situations, instead of getting ahead of them, can cost time, money and lead to strained customer relationships.

Monitor Real-Time Data and Respond Faster to Operational Processes, Customer Needs

Get ahead of the game by replacing outdated, legacy software with a more modern and efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® GP. You can manage all of your core business data within this single, integrated solution with greater efficiency and accuracy than with disparate or manual systems. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a simplified way to process financial transactions, manage the supply chain and inventory, oversee manufacturing and distribution operations, and supports various payroll and human resources activities. Because all of this important data is located within easy reach, you can actually use it instead of spending time trying to find it.

Microsoft Dynamics GP includes built-in and customizable reporting templates and insightful business intelligence features. Your managers can also personalize dashboards to highlight the key metrics most important to them. For example, your procurement team can manage inventory in real-time and create automatic notifications when inventory dwindles to a certain level. Instead of running out of items, causing back-orders, your team can be proactive, making sure you have the inventory your customers need, when they need it. You can also monitor spending in real-time and react faster to deviations in spending to protect budgets before they are exhausted.

Stay ahead of market trends, customer demands and make prudent data-driven decisions that drive growth. Contact MIBAR.net for more information about taking a proactive stance with Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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