Web-Based Purchase Requisitions and E-Mail Approval in Dynamics GP

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Purchase requisition functionality was first introduced into Microsoft Dynamics GP in GP2013 R2. In GP2016, this functionality is now integrated with the Project Accounting module as well.


By utilizing the new self-service user type and the improved web client functionality in GP2016, you can now implement a web-based purchase requisition process across your organization at a relatively low cost. In addition, the enhanced workflow functionality can be deployed to create approval steps and hierarchies for purchase requisitions. Managers can view requisitions and associated attachments from within Outlook and approve, reject or delegate tasks.


The requisition entry window allows users to enter detailed information about their purchase requests. They can also attach supporting documentation and monitor the workflow history. The requisition entry process is less rigid than creating purchase orders in Dynamics GP.  For example, the user does not have to specify a vendor or purchase price as this can be defined later at the time it is purchased.


Web-Based Purchase Requisitions and E-Mail Approval in Dynamics GP image 1
Web-Based Purchase Requisitions and E-Mail Approval in Dynamics GP image 1











A new “Procurement” home page section has also been added in Dynamics GP to assist the user is monitoring all of their submitted and approved requisitions.


Web-Based Purchase Requisitions and E-Mail Approval in Dynamics GP image 2
Web-Based Purchase Requisitions and E-Mail Approval in Dynamics GP image 2







The web client functionality is now supported across all devices and browsers. This greatly enhances the user experience and accessibility of the system and creates better opportunities for integrating processes that have traditionally been managed outside of the accounting system. This can eliminate the need for a paper trail and manual approvals.


Upon approval, requisitions can be automatically converted into purchase order documents. The system maintains the link between the original requisition and the purchase order with drill-back functionality. For auditing purposes, you can drill back from the vendor invoice to the purchase receipt and the purchase order and then back to the original requisition with workflow approval history and supporting documentation.


The Resource Group has also customized the purchase requisition window to meet specific client requirements.


For more information about purchase requisitions, workflow approval, and web client functionality in Dynamics GP, contact a partner like The Resource Group.


By Tim Tobias, The Resource Group

2 thoughts on “Web-Based Purchase Requisitions and E-Mail Approval in Dynamics GP”

  1. Hello dear,

    we want to rout Procurements & Purchase Orders, do you have an application can manage this missions? as well, does it compatible with QuickBooks?
    if so, I need to have temporary (trial) access to see how much your application meets our business needs.


    1. Hello,

      Thanks for the comment. The information contained in this blog is for Dynamics GP so it wouldn't be compatible with QuickBooks. It is possible to get a free trial of Dynamics GP. I would recommend contacting a value-added reseller in your area for more information. Thank you!

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