You Can Laugh About Getting Lost in the Cloud by Deploying Dynamics AX

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New Dynamics AX, cloud ERP software, feature workspaces increases productivity

You can laugh about getting lost in the cloud by deploying the new Dynamics AX (7) with Workspaces included.  While cloud technology and not having to worry about IT Infrastructure or system requirements is a cost saver in itself, I  sometimes lose productivity in the cloud as my browser becomes a clogged up window of tabs, tabs, tabs. My browser’s tab bar looks like a crowded beach of almost identical surf boards, and now I have to search for which one I was using. Then when I do find the tab, I get distracted by the content. “Look at that video!” Finally, I get back to what I was supposed to be doing. . .ten minutes ago.

Benefits of Dynamics AX (7) In the Cloud

New Dynamics AX feature: Workspaces


Workspaces in the new Dynamics AX (7) are designed to remove this stop and start process in productivity in that the new feature keeps the top 5 functions related to a user’s job function always accessible in a single window.


Think of a Workspace as a mini application that is designed to help a user focus on the most important aspects of their job. Workspaces have basically replaced the role center as well as the area common menus in AX 2012 R3. The Workspace is focused on the tasks required for the user’s job. Your employees should be able to view and act on what they need from the workspaces single window.


Workspaces are formed depending the login user’s role much like role centers in AX 2012 R3. Microsoft created “Workspaces” in the cloud with the goal of enabling your people to be more productive with one activity-based window. The workspaces provide a task specific experience that integrates easily with O365 and other collaborative tools as well as power BI (business intelligence).  To learn more about the pre-built workspaces and how to personalize workspaces, read: "No More Getting Lost in Tabs with New Dynamics AX Cloud ERP."


From this one tool alone you can see that Microsoft is well on its way to completing its vision in reinventing productivity and business processes in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.


At Clients First Business Solutions, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner with a team of tenured specialists with core competencies in the implementation and support of Microsoft Dynamics AX.  In fact we have over 200 years combined experience in Dynamics AX.  Not bad for a lean team. To explore all the capabilities of Dynamics AX and find out how this business solution can help your manufacturing or MRO organization achieve its full potential, contact our sales team at 800.331.8382 or email   Our Clients First Texas and Minnesota offices offer Dynamics AX ERP to the medium to large manufacturer and MRO across the United States and in 11 countries and counting.


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