Following the Rules: Document Management for Compliance

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Do you know for sure if your organization is meeting paper retention regulations? Are you keeping multiple filing cabinets-worth of paper documents out of sheer paranoia that you're not being compliant? Do you have a document management solution in place to help more efficiently manage invoices and other documents?

Knowing the rules can be complicated, but a document management solution can help. Document management has the ability to automatically captures paper and electronic documents, send invoices to specified approvers, route and index documents, provide visibility into financial processes, eliminate bottlenecks and integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.


Here’s how document management and your Microsoft Dynamics solution can help you meet government compliance regulations:

  • Having your business processes automated makes storing documents easy, hands-free and customizable.
  • Keeping and storing filing cabinets is expensive, but storing records electronically is not! When you use an electronic filing cabinet, you can retain records longer without the crazy costs associated with physical storage.
  • Keep a close eye on who is touching, editing and processing documents with a clear audit trail. With document management, you get full visibility into your company’s valuable information. A recorded audit trail is also something you can provide if requested by an auditor.
  • Document retention regulations require that documents are able to be easily retrieved if requested. Invoices and other documents that are stored electronically are easy for you to pull up if you need to. Some document management solutions are even keyword searchable to make it even easier to find an invoice.
  • It's important that you manage who has access to which documents, and who can approve and edit them. Executives can create permissions and restrictions in a document management solution so that you can make sure that the wrong people don’t have access to documents that they are not authorized to, and that documents are not able to be altered or deleted.

Making sure your company is compliant is important, but with the right tools, you can alleviate some of the stress that comes with meeting document retention regulations.

by Metafile,  MetaViewer Paperless ERP for Microsoft Dynamics

2 thoughts on “Following the Rules: Document Management for Compliance”

  1. Hi, thank you for this post I agree with you that Having your business processes automated makes storing documents easy, hands-free and customizable.very useful information

  2. Great post ! it states useful points of how document management and our Microsoft Dynamics solution can help us meet government compliance regulations. And these points became very useful for me and contains a lot of knowledge ahead !

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