Why Are More ERP Software Implementations Failing?

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Whether you are a small start-up or an experienced enterprise, implementing a successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can be somewhat of a challenge.  How much of a challenge depends on a lot of factors, but according to new research, ERP software project schedule overruns didn’t get better in 2012. In fact, they got worse.

According to this research, businesses were getting less than half of the anticipated benefits from their ERP implementations and the process was taking longer than projected.  This news appears disheartening, but don’t let it deter you from getting the business software that can drive business growth.  On the contrary, learn from these challenges and make sure you get the results you want from your ERP implementation.

A successful ERP implementation starts with an internal evaluation by all levels of management.  Determine what information is important for you to collect, monitor, and analyze.  Don’t overreach or expect your software to do more than what is realistic.  Over-complicating the process will increase the likelihood for mistakes.  Then, find a software vendor that can match your business needs with a reliable software solution that can help you reach your goals.  A comprehensive ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, will manage financials, supply chain, project and services management, human resources and payroll, and offers robust business intelligence and reporting functionality.  This solution has been used successfully by businesses of all sizes and types.  Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers a RapidStart implementation process.  You can get this ERP solution up and running in a matter of hours or days, instead of weeks or months.  The faster you can get started, the faster you will reap the benefits of your ERP software solution.

Once you’ve chosen the software that best meets your business needs, you and your software provider can discuss deployment choices, an implementation schedule, and employee training.  Outlining all of these details will keep you and your software vendor on the same page, which will go a long way to getting your implement project completed on time and in budget.

There are many stories of failed ERP implementations and lawsuits to back those up.  You can learn from these mistakes and put your implementation on the fast track to success.  Contact Associates Solutions, Inc. for guidance and support with your ERP implementation and avoid the pitfalls: https://www.associates-solutions.com/contact/contact.html.


By Associates Solutions, Inc., Kansas Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner (https://www.associates-solutions.com/home.html)

2 thoughts on “Why Are More ERP Software Implementations Failing?”

  1. Kristi, you're right on. Too many times, companies jump into the technical side of ERP or CRM implementation before:
    1. Thoroughly defining the business goals and processes
    2. Aligning and modifying those processes to meet the technology
    3. Evaluating what "must" be modified in the technology to meet the needs of the business
    Or course, you can only do this with a partner who understand both the business goals and the underlying technology.

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