Streamlining Global Operations: TCCI's Data Transformation Odyssey

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TCCI, a trailblazer in compressor technology, embarked on a transformative journey aimed at boosting efficiency and sustainability. Confronted with the challenge of outdated and fragmented Microsoft ERP systems across 11 countries, TCCI partnered with HSO, a global solutions expert, to kickstart a phased implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Recognizing the Need for Consolidation

Understanding the significance of a unified perspective on global operations, TCCI prioritized data consolidation. With a commitment to sustainability and zero emissions, the company set out to streamline processes, enhance inventory management, and achieve comprehensive visibility throughout its supply chain.

Strategic Steps for Global Impact

TCCI opted for a strategic, phased approach rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. HSO played a pivotal role in supporting TCCI's evolution, providing an agile and scalable cloud data warehouse platform. This empowered TCCI to expedite its data journey, optimize return on investment, and pave the way for future enhancements to the ERP system.

Standardizing and Cleansing Data

Collaborating with HSO, TCCI established data pipelines from five ERP systems into a centralized Azure Data Lake. This not only standardized financial data but also elevated overall supply chain visibility. The implementation pinpointed areas for improvement, laying the groundwork for ongoing data standardization and cleansing efforts.

The project's initial phase left a significant impact on TCCI's financial management processes. The newly implemented data warehouse enabled data-driven supply decisions, risk mitigation, heightened financial efficiencies, and improved forecasting for resource allocations and expansion opportunities.

The Crucial Role of a Modern Data Foundation

Carrie Young, Global IT Manager at TCCI, emphasized the pivotal role of a modern data foundation in digital transformation. She advised business leaders to focus on measured, strategic steps instead of searching for a "magic bullet" solution. A robust data foundation not only influences data accessibility but also enhances the performance of key applications like ERP systems.

HSO's Key Partnership

Young expressed gratitude for HSO's indispensable role in the implementation's success. HSO acted as key advisors, expediting the process and providing access to cutting-edge technologies. TCCI's strategic partnership with HSO underscores a commitment to sustainable growth and customer value addition, addressing immediate challenges while preparing for a comprehensive global ERP solution in the future.

Dedication to Industry Leadership

TCCI's pursuit of a global Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation reflects a steadfast dedication to staying ahead in a dynamic industry. The collaboration with HSO, characterized by strategic steps and a focus on data excellence, establishes a foundation for sustained success, enhanced sustainability, and added value for customers.

To learn more about TCCI’s data journey, read the full case study here.

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