4 Key Benefits of ERP E-Commerce for the Electronics Industry

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Sana has served many businesses in the electronics industry over the years. From manufacturers and wholesalers to suppliers and retailers, we’ve seen every part of the electronics supply chain struggle —and finally succeed — in modernizing their systems and processes to better serve their clients.

Spotlight: Electronics Industry

We recently published a free ebook dedicated to the electronics industry. In it, we discuss recent trends in the industry, connect these trends to challenges and opportunities for electronics businesses, and finish off with 4 worksheets for electronics businesses that are working on their digital transformation.

We wanted to highlight solutions for the electronics industry in particular, because we’ve seen what integrated e-commerce can do for these companies. To give you a taste, we’ve put together a few of the biggest benefits of ERP powered e-commerce for electronics businesses.

Electronics e-commerce supply chain

Benefit 1: The Power to Leverage the Data and Logic you Already Have

Choosing software that integrates directly with your ERP (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics) puts you in the position to get even more out of your original ERP investment. This type of software is nestled inside of your ERP, turning it into the single source of truth for your business.

What does that mean for your web store? For starters, it means you never have to duplicate or synchronize information that’s already available in your ERP to make it available in your web store environment. Besides keeping your product information consistent, this setup also ensures that any changes made in your ERP are available in your web store in real time (more on that in a little bit). Read more about countless other advantages to turning your ERP into a single source of truth.


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Benefit 2: Better Support for Your Customers (and Your Staff)

Electronics businesses typically deal with large, diverse, ever-changing product catalogs. There’s a lot to be said for making the switch from paper catalogs to online catalogs, but there’s even more to be said for making the switch from online catalog to web store.

Why keep unnecessary steps between the informing and purchasing stages?

Of course, not all of your customers will require (or even want) access to your full range of products. Integrated e-commerce solutions make it easy to arrange this with personalized catalogs. By limiting the options for your clients, you make it easier for them to quickly find what they want and place an order.  This also makes it easier for your sales team to offer relevant product assortments to clients.

This is only one example of how ERP powered e-commerce can help you with improved catalog management. Read more on this topic in our article: How to Manage Your B2B Product Catalog Better.

Support for your customers

Benefit 3: True Real-Time Information

Another common pain across the board for electronics companies is the fast-paced nature of technological developments. The irony isn’t lost on us that the tech advancements that brought these businesses to the top of their game are also creating logistic struggles for them.

What do you do when your products develop faster than you can update your catalog? What do you do when product demand skyrockets upon release, and then quickly fizzles out?

True real-time information

You run a tight ship. Streamlining and optimizing as many of your backoffice processes as possible will put your company in the state to take new product releases and updates in stride (and to profit from them). Providing true real-time information in your web store is one of the best ways you (and your customers) can keep up with a fluctuating product assortment.

When you have a constant stream of products coming and going (and changing), it’s a challenge to keep up with everything. We already suggested that you integrate your ERP with your web store in order to better manage a complex product assortment. But this solution will also help you keep your online catalog up to date in real time, all the time.

When your web store is integrated with your ERP, you can count on your stock levels, pricing and product information to be updated in your web store the moment you make any changes in your ERP.

Benefit 4: Simplicity and Ease

There are many features of integrated e-commerce that increase simplicity and ease for businesses and their clients. For electronics businesses in particular, we’ve noticed that it’s really helpful for them to let their return customers create order templates based on past purchases. Besides increasing accessibility and ease, this is also gives you more insight to future orders so you can ensure you always have the right items in stock for your return customers.

Electronics e-commerce site

Find out more ways that integrated e-commerce increase simplicity and ease for you and your customers.

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We have a lot more advice and handy tools for you, and we’ve made it all available in our free ebook: The Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce for the Electronics Industry. Check it out if you’re ready to take control of your digital transformation strategy!E-commerce for the electronics industry ebook

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  1. Manual entry of the business orders into ERP is a tedious and painful process. It includes lots of hassles in updating an item or information in Excel, and after that transferring to the web store. If you are reliant on decreasing stock in your systems physically, or not ready to do it all, at that point it can make you oversell. There are a considerable measure of opportunities to commit errors as these procedures are not automated. Few common mistakes are:

    Wrong dispatching addresses
    Inappropriate inventory levels
    Missing, fragmented, or wrong item data

  2. Really nice information for Electronics Industry. This information can benefit others organization.

    Thanks For this information

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