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Thousands of retailers are already selling apparel online, many of which also have physical store locations. It is also without a doubt that eCommerce sales have been growing year-to-year and are projected to follow a similar trend. So, as a retailer, how do you deliver a standout web store that will help your business succeed at selling online with such steep competition?

User Experience
Providing consumers with a web store that catches their eye, delivers intuitive navigation, and makes finding products easy are several key elements that contribute to a strong user experience, an important aspect of a successful eCommerce business. A web store’s design should be clean, simple, and unique to the business. It must respond to all screen sizes in order to accommodate users who browse on different devices, like smartphones or tablets. Navigation can be enhanced when products are organized into categories with the ability to filter by attributes, for example, size, color, or brand. Suggesting related products or complementary accessories is another great way to deliver a strong user experience while also increasing sales.

Inventory Management
From the backend, a web store that integrates with a business’s existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM eliminates duplicate data entry. A business simply manages one database that exists in the ERP or CRM. The web store powered by k-eCommerce pulls information from that single database and populates pricing and inventory information in real time for users.

The Checkout Process
After a consumer has added items to their shopping cart, a sale is not guaranteed. The checkout process delivered by a web store must be simple and secure. Don’t ask for too much data and avoid a checkout process that spans multiple pages; one page is best. Providing the option for guest checkout is also well received by consumers.

Aside from the actual process of checking out, providing all costs upfront also helps ensure consumers complete their purchase rather than leaving an abandoned cart. Show shipping and tax cost estimates upfront. If these costs are withheld until the order review page during checkout, consumers might not proceed with their purchase due to additional unexpected costs or shipping rates that are too high.

For more information about delivering a successful checkout experience, read this blog.

After the Sale
Once a consumer has invested their money in your business, make sure to provide them adequate support. Offer return management from your web store, make it easy for them to track their orders, and make previous invoices available to them. Support should also be offered during the pre-sale process, such as online chat. Be sure to make your contact information easy to find as well.

Setting up shop online doesn’t have to create more work for your employees, nor does it have to cause headaches and deliver expensive invoices in your mailbox. When you choose an integrated solution, none of these pain points will exist. View our website to further explore if our integrated eCommerce solution is a good fit for your business or visit one of our customer sites, Panama Jack, to explore their web store.

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