Three Can’t Miss Dynamics 365 New Features Coming Soon

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To give customers the biggest bang for their buck, Microsoft regularly updates its Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations ERP solution. The next release is coming in April 2018. This year’s spring release is bringing a bunch of Dynamics 365 new features you won’t want to miss. Let me introduce you to a few of my favorite (in no particular order).


Drumroll, please...


Dynamics 365 New Features #1: Mobile Timesheet Access

The new project timesheet app will let you create and submit project timesheets with your mobile device or web browser. This feature makes it easier than ever to record your hours for a specific project. You can even copy data from an existing timesheet for faster, more accurate time entry.

Even if you have a ton of old timesheets to sift through, finding the one you want to copy is simple. The app gives you the choice to filter by approval status, project or resource, so you can quickly locate the one that is most relevant to your needs. If you submit similar timesheets often, you can even save those as favorites for easy access later.


Dynamics 365 New Features #2: Edit Default Project Fulfillment Hours

Project managers will be able to view and edit the default hours a resource is available. I know that might sound confusing, this feature is easier to describe with an example.

So, to illustrate, let’s say you had a project set to begin on April 1. The first task in that project requires machine A for 20 hours. Currently, Dynamics 365 would schedule those 20 hours like this:

  • Eight hours on April 1.
  • Eight hours on April 2.
  • Four hours on April 3.

But, what if on April 1, that machine is finishing up another project, and it’s already booked to work four hours on the old project? Well, the machine is overbooked by four hours.

The April 2018 release of Dynamics 365 fixes this issue by allowing project managers to edit the schedule for resources rather than using the default one. In this example, our project manager might set the schedule for the new project like this:

  • Four hours on April 1.
  • Eight hours on April 2.
  • Eight hours on April 3.


Dynamics 365 New Features #3: Custom Fields

While the forms in Dynamics 365 include an impressive variety of fields, there may be a time when you need to add information that doesn’t fit in one of the existing fields. With the spring release of Dynamics 365 users will now be able to add their own fields to the Dynamics 365 screens, without coding.

That way, you can track the information important to your business without development help from IT. To learn more about creating custom fields, watch this video.


Want to learn more about these and other new features coming in the next release of Dynamics 365? View the release notes.

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By: Laura Schomaker, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a South Carolina Dynamics 365 partner.

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