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Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Remote ERP Access: Why You Need What Your Legacy ERP Can’t Provide

When we suddenly shifted to remote work it felt like our whole world turned on a dime overnight. How did your business respond? Did you feel like you never missed […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Looking for a Dynamics Replacement? Why Acumatica Is a Logical Next Step.

Microsoft Dynamics is a very popular family of ERP software that thousands of businesses have loved on for years and still count on today. But what if you’re a Dynamics […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Join Us for an Acumatica Demo in Person and Online September 16, 2021

Whether you’re buying your first ERP, replacing an old system that's too expensive to maintain, or one that leaves you feeling like your systems stick together with chewing gum and […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Five Scary Business Risks Eliminated by Cloud ERP

With any business, there are many types of risks to watch out for. While you can’t avoid them all, there are things you can do to reduce the likelihood of […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Need Help Choosing an ERP Implementation Partner? Read This!

Whether you’re shopping for your first ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solution, or are looking to replace an outdated one, you’ve probably come to realize that the ERP buying process […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Five ERP Budgeting Tips from the Pros to Keep Your Project on Track

If you’ve ever been through an ERP project before, you know that one of the first steps is to set your budget. Without that number, your accounting and finance leadership […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Dynamics GP Self-Help Resources: Four Websites You Should Bookmark Now

Whether you’re a long-time user of Dynamics GP or are just getting started with this popular accounting software, I’m sure a question or two have come up along the way. […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Announcing Important Changes to CustomerSource for Dynamics Users

If you're a long-time Microsoft Dynamics user, I'm sure you've used CustomerSource a time or two. Its long been the go-to place for product downloads, help articles, news and more. […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo ERP Conversion Guide: Dynamics GP to Acumatica

As Microsoft continues to shift its focus from Dynamic GP to Dynamics 365, you may wonder, “where does that leave me?” “What are my next steps?” And while the idea […]

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. 's Logo Why Companies Replace QuickBooks with ERP

QuickBooks has been a reliable go to for years, helping businesses big and small manage their books. While it has many advantages, QuickBooks may no longer be the best solution […]


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