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On December 1st, Microsoft released Dynamics GP 2018 after improving on existing features based on end-user and partner feedback. The GP 2018 release enhances specific areas of the product, while also expanding existing functionality, notably in the document attachment and workflow areas. The user experience has also been improved to make finding the information you need to make business decisions faster and easier. In this post we will discuss the extended capabilities of workflow in the GP 2018 environment. In addition to new workflows, including general ledger account approvals and purchase order invoice approval, you can copy a step within a workflow, and send reminder email messages from workflow.


Reminder emails

Now you can set a reminder time period on the workflow that is used to notify users if they haven’t reacted to their assigned workflow task within a specific time period.

Copy workflow step

This enhancement adds efficiency to your business processes by allowing you to copy steps within a workflow, renaming the step, and including sub-steps to a workflow.

Reporting for workflow

A new workflow history report can be filtered by workflow type, workflow approvers, workflow status, and by the approval date. Functionality to include comments on the report is now available, also.

Additional fields are available for Payables transaction workflow

To utilize the additional fields, mark the Extended fields list option in the Work Maintenance window, and then select the fields you want to use in the Workflow Condition Editor.

The new fields include:

  1. Vendor account
  2. Comment 1
  3. Comment 2
  4. Vendor class ID
  5. Payment priority

Additional messages are available for purchase order workflow

This enhancement allows you to add account descriptions to workflow messages that are distributed via email for Purchase order workflows and purchase requisition workflows.

Bank used for EFT added to vendor approval workflow

Additional data is included in the Vendor approval workflow that populates the specific bank that the vendor uses for electronic funds transfers (EFT). To use the enhanced feature, mark it in the Extended fields list option in the Work Maintenance window, then add it to the workflow in the Workflow Condition Editor. These extended fields are all the EFT banking fields that can be set up on the vendor for EFT information. Included fields are country, bank name, bank account, and SWIFT code.

New workflows for new accounts, receivings transactions and purchasing invoices

New workflows have been added to control the addition of general ledger accounts, purchase receivings transactions, and purchasing invoices. The workflow for general ledger accounts can be initiated from any area of the system for any new accounts, or for any accounts that are in a workflow state.


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