Increase your to-order close rates with online quote configuration (with webinar recording)

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DynamicWeb, Accelerynt and Insight Works - Increase to-order close rates with online quote configuration

Learn about the benefits of online CPQ in B2B eCommerce

Selling make-to-order products often starts with creating quotes, and many organizations still rely on a variety of tools, such as spreadsheets and spec sheets, to provide estimates and pricing options. This can delay getting a quote in front of the customer, which may result in losing business due to a lack of speed. Providing a self-service portal with product configuration capabilities can ensure the customer can quickly and easily generate quotes on demand, saving sales rep time and improving customer satisfaction.

To further touch on the topic, we decided to host industry-relevant thought leaders on our latest release of the Dynamic Leaders podcast. The podcast delves into the critical topic of increasing to-order close rates through online quote configuration. This discussion couldn't be more relevant in a rapidly evolving business landscape where efficiency and seamless customer experiences are paramount. 

Expert insights and key focus areas

Featuring industry experts Mark Hamblin with Insight Works, Steven Chinskey with Acclerynt, and Ryan Meade with DynamicWeb, the podcast explores key aspects for optimizing the online quote configuration journey. From emphasizing the significance of personalized experiences and seamless integration to highlighting the importance of speed, real-time information, and 24/7 self-service capabilities, the speakers provide a comprehensive overview. 

Strategies for optimization

The conversation brought valuable insights and strategies, including discussions on integrated Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) systems and the importance of precision in cost and weight calculations. The proposed implementation strategy, a pragmatic crawl-walk-run approach, is designed to ensure a smooth transition and optimal functionality, making it a practical and feasible solution for businesses. 

Broader implications and urgency

The trends of digitalizing B2B transactions is accelerating. Research findings underscore the urgent need for businesses to adapt and optimize their online configuration processes, highlighting the criticality of this topic in today's dynamic marketplace. 

Illuminating the path forward

In the podcast we discuss various facets of online quote configuration and its pivotal role in enhancing go-to-order close rates. From personalized experiences to real-time data availability and seamless integration, businesses are encouraged to prioritize streamlining their online configuration processes to unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the digital age. 

Watch the full recording!

Click here to watch the full podcast recording to get the in's and out's of integrating online CPQ into your eCommerce experiences.


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