Leave Management Best Practices for NetSuite Users

If you’re in charge of managing your organization’s leave management, you know how complex it has gotten due to changes in legislation and in company policies. Organizations of all sizes require an answer that will improve employee morale and improve business rules compliance. Understanding these leave management best practices will undoubtedly serve to help both employees and admins who use NetSuite.

Leave Management Best Practices for NetSuite Users

Keep accurate leave records.

Tracking not only leave taken and available, but also leave that’s been requested, is complex. But, if you can manage to be consistent with how you manage these records, you can only help your organization. The FMLA has stringent rules about how companies should respond to FMLA requests. Using automated leave management software can make this task much simpler. This solution provides employees with a single stop for their submissions and checking available leave balances. Keeping employees in the loop helps them avoid the confusion of whether they have available time to take off and gives them a reliable place for managing their requests.

Establish a leave rule book.

It may be difficult to believe, but some organizations do not have specific leave policies in place. If your organization doesn’t have an explicit leave policy, this can cause confusion and create liability for the organization.Hiring qualified HR staff members with knowledge of leave laws can help establish policies that will work best for the company. From vacation to sick leave or FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), specific policies need to be detailed and clear. It’s important for an expert to be able to provide advice about the most efficient and fair policies to implement.

Be consistent with your policies.

Consistency is essential. This is especially true in terms of treating employees the same. If you accept a leave request from one employee and reject a similar one from another, you could come off as being unfair. Any hint of disparity also opens the organization up to legal repercussions. An accurate tracking system can give evidence to your consistency. This is true since all requests and responses to requests are made through the system.

Track changes and make policy revisions.

With changing political climates can come changes in laws. However, ignorance of the law doesn’t diminish a company’s liability. Keeping a watchful eye on what’s happening as regulations are updated, though, can be a job in itself. Even without changing regulations, we suggest that you conduct an annual review of your policies. Annual reviews can be made simpler with automated auditing tools that give you information about which leave policies are working (or not working).

You can also get data on which people in your organization are actually using their time off and which are not. This can be valuable to HR teams who can provide encouragement for those who need it in order to take their vacation time and who might need to be reined in if they’re taking too much time. Employee analytics can provide valuable insights.

How can an automated solution help?

With DATABASICS and Oracle NetSuite, you can solve your most difficult leave management challenges while giving your users an easy-to-use solution that includes mobile apps. The Oracle NetSuite integration brings together the latest technology in expense reporting and timesheets with Oracle NetSuite’s computing solutions, simplifying the timesheet, leave management, and expense reporting processes. The tight integration provides businesses of all sizes and industries with an easy-to-use unified solution.

By DATABASICS' creative content curator, Amanda Canupp Mendoza. DATABASICS is third-party timesheet and expense reporting software with NetSuite integration. Read more about DATABASICS and NetSuite on our site at https://blog.data-basics.com or https://www.data-basics.com/integrations/accounting-erp/netsuite/

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