NetSuite Quick Tips: Last Sales Activity Bundle

For those of you that utilize NetSuite, did you know that there are free bundles offered in SuiteApps that are pretty beneficial? At BCG Systems, we work with a lot of NetSuite clients and in our initial assessments find out that they do not make the most of or even know about these bundles. We’ve even found businesses that are paying to duplicate these programs that are FREE, and an easy one click installation to their current NetSuite account.

NetSuite SuiteApp: Last Sales Activity

One SuiteApp that we find particularly useful to our CRM clients is Last Sales Activity. This bundle adds a reference field to each Customer, Contact and Opportunity record, with the date and link to the last sales activity for the record. This means that you will be able to view the last person that touched the record, when they did it, and their reason.


Sale Managers everywhere will rejoice in the fact that dashboards and reports can be created based on these new additions. It will greatly enhance CRM utilization and verify that sales teams are not letting sales opportunities slip through the cracks.

Here is what using the saved searches that come with the SuiteApp for Reminders or KPI on the Dashboard look like:




Want to learn more about your NetSuite package and how to take full advantage of it? BCG Systems is a trusted NetSuite Solutions Provider. Get in touch with us and talk with one of our specialists.

By: Tanya Weatherholt, Business Consultant, ERP/CRM Systems (NetSuite) at BCG Systems, Inc.

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