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Member White Papers

Welcome to our library of downloadable white papers. Review the short descriptions below and click the links to read the entire description or download the white paper.


To get the most impact from a business management solution, your employees must learn the system quickly and use it efficiently. This white paper will share the knowledge gained through thousands of ERP and CRM implementations to help get your employees started on the right foot. Our contributing partners have shared best practices, vital warnings, and bright ideas so you can quickly realize the full value of your software investment. Download the white paper to find out how to help your employees embrace change and take your organization to the next level.… Read more

During times of uncertainty, innovation is crucial to survival. In this eBook, we share how organizations are relying on their Dynamics Partners to solve challenges and build on opportunity creatively.… Read more

Your choice of implementation partner can make a world of difference. The right partner will deftly manage the project to deliver a system that fuels your business growth. The wrong… Read more

Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) provides more security, more functionality, and more flexibility to protect your assets and help your organization actively compete in today’s world. In this eBook, we’ll look at the risks that your organization faces every day and show you how Cloud ERP can help mitigate those risks and unlock opportunities. Read on to see how you can harness the potential of the cloud to grow your organization. Download now to get advice from 11 top ERP experts.… Read more

The cloud has come a long way over the past decade. Cautious business leaders waited for the model to prove itself before jumping on the bandwagon, but by now there is no doubt the cloud provides real benefits. It still represents change, though, and moving operations to the cloud should be approached with eyes wide open. … Read more

As a finance professional, you know the potential that technology offers. You could deliver so much more value to the business if you were freed from the limitations of your current systems. The IT team could help you unlock that potential, but they are pulled in so many directions, they simply don’t have time.....… Read more

Like most big concept buzzwords, “Digital Transformation” means something different to almost everyone. You hear it thrown around with terms like Internet of Things (IoT) and Predictive Analytics. But could digital and technological advances really have an impact on YOUR business? To get a practical, real-world perspective, we asked the technology experts listed at the end of this whitepaper—people in the trenches of modern business—for their definition. Then to help you understand what your own digital transformation can look like, we collected real-world stories from businesses using ERP, CRM and the cloud to rethink their future. In this white paper, you’ll find deeper explanations of what technology advances can mean for your business.… Read more

The past decade has brought extraordinary changes to the way we do business. The internet has matured, mobile devices are part of everyday life, and cloud-based solutions have gone mainstream. New trends, enabled by these fundamental developments, are emerging that will further impact your business. We’ve written this white paper with the small and midsize business in mind— to explain the trends in plain terms and help you understand how you can put the cloud to work to capitalize on the opportunities.… Read more

Many medium-size businesses are now considering the merits of more flexible enterprise resource planning (ERP) options, including cloud ERP — the ability for firms to access ERP applications running on… Read more

This white paper will explain the basics of ERP in the cloud and guide you toward making an informed decision about moving your company's finances to the cloud.… Read more

In this white paper you will learn: • What is Cloud Computing? • Motivations for Choosing a Cloud Solution • The Tangible Benefits of Cloud • How Cloud Can Transform… Read more

To discover how finance organizations are turbo-charging growth across the enterprise, NetSuite’s Ron Gill and Ben Kang engaged several senior finance executives from high growth companies in a series of… Read more

In this white paper find out 4 Reasons CFOs Must Lead: Reason #1: Scale or Fail Reason #2: Agile Responsiveness to Market and Customer Dynamics Reason #3: Data Driven Insight… Read more

This report, the second in a series of papers that analyze the strategic adoption of cloud computing, is based upon a global survey of 200 senior business and IT executives.… Read more

Cloud Computing is a hot topic these days, engendering widespread interest from CEOs,CFOs and CIOs who are curious about this new paradigm shift and want to know how it will… Read more

Choosing a technology partner is one of the most significant decisions you can make for your growing business. Having the right technology solutions is essential to serving your clients well and operating efficiently, but you don’t necessarily know what you need—or even what options are available. … Read more