2019 Leave Tracking Must-Dos For Finance And Operations In MS Dynamics

2019 PTO/Leave Tracking Must-Dos For Finance And Operations In MS Dynamics

The leave management world has become very complex for mid-size and enterprise companies. This is true also for finance and operations admins who use MS Dynamics. That’s because leave laws have changed. In addition, employees need to understand and take their leave more than ever. As a result, companies need to practice these must-dos. By and large, taking action to improve your leave tracking increases employee satisfaction and complies with all laws in order to decrease their legal liability. It is essential to take these leave tracking/PTO management must-dos for 2019 seriously for the reason that this helps both employees and admins.

2019 Is Different

To begin, 2019 is different. First, employees expect a human touch when it comes to their leave. Why? In general, PTO and leave are personal. The reasons for leave might be exciting. For instance, one might be taking a much-dreamed-of vacation. On the other hand, an employee might need to take time off to care for a sick loved one. As a result, leave tracking relates directly to feelings and morale.

On top of employee morale, companies need to comply with new laws. For instance, companies need to handle requests regarding the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) differently than they manage sick days. Then, other leave types might include bereavement, parental leave, and even public or company holidays. In addition, there's also disability leave, religious observance, and military leave.

In essence, each kind of leave demands a different method of tracking.

2019 Leave Tracking Must Dos

Our advice for finance and operations managers tracking leave is three-fold.

First, we suggest that you prioritize being human. Having empathy and understanding regarding the complex topic of PTO tracking and leave management is key.

A second suggestion is to be as transparent and fair as possible. How? Establish leave policies. Some organizations do not have specific leave policies in place, which can cause confusion. In addition, a lack of leave policy creates liability for the company. Start by hiring qualified HR staff who understand leave and know which policies will work best for the company. Whether it’s vacation, sick leave, or FMLA, these systems can be complicated, which is why it’s important for an expert to be able to provide advice to management about the best policies to implement.

Lastly, make the most of your MS Dynamics possibilities. If you need something beyond your leave tracking tools in MS Dynamics, learn more about third-party partners.

In particular, you need to look for a third-party integration with a software solution that:

  • Is so useful and beautiful that people actually use it
  • Super accurate and transparent with leave accrual and leave approval so that no one disputes it
  • Extra supportive by helping you with even your most complex needs
  • Is so practical that you and your team stop chasing people and paperwork

Third-Party Leave Tracking Partners

One tool that fits the bill for all of these is DATABASICS Leave Management. Leave tracking is DATABASICS' specialty. In fact, it does more to track leave and provides more capabilities than any other available tool that integrates directly with MS Dynamics. we've seen it all when it comes to PTO/leave tracking.

With a mobile PTO tracking app and experience with the most complicated needs, DATABASICS tops the list when it comes to employee leave management.

We want to show you how to stop wasting so much time on your leave program with a free webinar: A Better Way To Manage Leave. Catch the replay now!

This 20-minute session will change the way you think about leave and how you track PTO in 2019 and beyond.

You'll learn:

  • How to better manage different kinds of leave
  • The benefits of a more robust leave solution
  • How an easier tool can make everyone happy
  • Why 2019 demands a mobile leave tracking app
  • A proven solution for ensuring compliance and advancing beyond basic leave tracking capabilities

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DATABASICS Leave Management: A Better Way To Manage Leave Webinar Replay

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