Why is Acumatica A Better Choice Over Dynamics SL?

After googling the best possible alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics SL, you stumbled upon Acumatica ERP software. Now you’re probably thinking, “Why do I switch over to Acumatica?” That’s a great question. Shifting to a new ERP software is not easy when you are already used to another. Don’t worry, because we listed down the reasons why you should choose Acumatica over Dynamics SL.

It Makes Communication Easier

One of the best features of Acumatica is the fully integrated messaging system. All client-related communications are recorded and can be shared with other users for more efficient tracking of orders and easier updating of client information.

Acumatica also has a robust client interface called Acumatica Customer Portal, where your clients can access and manage their invoices. It’s also the place where they can conveniently get customer support and check the status of their queries. This is a marked difference of Acumatica from other ERP software. It changes the landscape of how customer management is done by businesses in professional services. By providing a client portal with an intuitive interface, client communication is so much easier.

Users of Dyanamics SL can get the same communication features with Dynamics CRM. It basically has the same functionality. However, it has an outdated integration method and does not have the advanced features that Acumatica has.

Get Instant Access Anytime and Anywhere

The cloud solution by Microsoft called Dynamics 365 Business Central is pretty new. It’s undergoing development up to now and the process is not going smoothly. Some features seem half-baked and others look foreign to old-time subscribers because of redesigning.

Microsoft has also been gradually enhancing the functionality of Web Apps. Approvals and expense are now accessible to users via Web Apps unlike before. The only thing is, these features are not included in the main package and users have to subscribe to them separately.

On the other hand, Acumatica ERP software has all the features and functionalities that you need in one cloud space so you can access them conveniently and easily. Whether you are in the office with a desktop or somewhere remote with your mobile device, you’ll be able to check your entire business 24/7 with the same user interface (customization options included).

With Acumatica, you can also register an unlimited number of users to ensure that the right team members are updated with the business operations. Information are updated to all users in real time wherever in the world they may be.

Smoother Workflow and Business Processes

Acumatica is packed with functionalities that can make business processes flow smoothly. It has AP workflow capability, time and expense tracking, and multi-level project approvals functionality with customizable criteria. All of these are available from Acumatica’s first day in the market.

On the contrary, the AP workflow capability of Dynamics SL was only implemented in this year’s release. That’s why the customizability and multi-level approvals that are included in Acumatica is not yet available with Dynamics SL.

Construction businesses can also benefit from Acumatica’s Construction Edition. It offers functionalities that are exclusive to the industry and created specifically to improve workflows and the approval processed required with the type of business. Other helpful software like Building Connected and MS Excel can also be easily integrated with the Construction Edition so that all information and ideas are stored in a single location.

Acumatica Has Better Project Management Capabilities

 Project Management requires planning and execution of different business processes in order for a project to succeed. With the best ERP software on hand, that will be easy. Why? It’s because the software will include things like robust propriety CRM, 24-hour customer support, universal accessibility, superior workflow and approvals processing, and outstanding communication capability. All of these are available in Acumatica ERP software. With functionalities and features this complete, project management can be better handled.

Switch to Acumatica ERP Solution with ASC

If you choose Acumatica ERP software over Dynamics SL, your business will get all the benefits mentioned above, and more. You’ll appreciate the familiar user interface and fully integrated communications capabilities in an established cloud solution that is trusted by hundreds of businesses in the U.S.A.

For the best integration of Acumatica solution to your business, call us at Advanced Solutions & Consulting Co. We have 20 years of experience in successful implementation and integration of Acumatica ERP software. Call us now or inquire online so one of our experts can help you with your migration plans.


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