Video: Postcard Mania Explains Cost Benefits of Upgrading to Acumatica Cloud ERP

Are you a small to midsize business with antiquated systems that you would like to modernize, but are afraid of what it will cost you? If so, you are not alone. Ask any ERP software vendor, and he will tell you that the number one question prospective customers ask is, “How much does it cost?”


With the tighter budget constraints that smaller companies often have, you do need to be mindful of the impact your upgrade can have on the bottom line, especially since costs can include more than the upfront purchase price. They may also include ongoing expenses of maintaining and extending the system as the business grows. Pick the right solution, though, and the word 'cost' can jump from the red side of the ledger to the black, as in 'cost savings.' Yes, one of the many advantages that the right ERP system can bring to your company is significant cost savings.


That's what happened with Postcard Mania, a midsize direct mail marketing company with a staff of 200. Starting from small beginnings (3 employees), Postcard Mania outgrew its legacy financial systems and began investigating modern ERP solutions. After listing nine pages of needs and wants for their potential new system, they went shopping to find what would best match their list.


They selected Acumatica, not only because it fit almost everything on their list, but also because of the cost savings it is bringing them. CEO Joy Gendusa says that their business is expected to show a profitability increase of over half a million EBITDA because of implementing Acumatica, and Senior VP Rob Bradshaw says that it will help them grow 25-30% “without changing any staffing needs.”


Cost savings is just one of many reasons Postcard Mania is very happy they chose to upgrade to Acumatica. Get the whole picture by watching the video here:


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