Get to Know Prime: Built on the Acumatica Platform for FoodService Distributors

At its core, the overarching goal of the Prime ERP Foodservice Software is a simple one: it acts as a one-stop shop for food distributors that aims to help them significantly streamline their inventory, gain superior visibility into the movement of products across their supply chain, create orders more efficiently and improve customer communications - essentially all at the same time.

Built upon the rock solid foundation of the industry leading cloud ERP platform of Acumatica, Prime is a solution that doesn't just take into consideration the unique needs of food distributors - it offers a number of important tools that may very well change the way they approach their entire operations.

Prime and Acumatica: A Unique Solution for the Unique Needs of the Foodservice Distribution

One of the major concerns of food distributors everywhere has to do with catch weight - something that can vary tremendously depending on the order in question. With Prime, distributors now have better insight into the accurate weights of their products throughout all points of the delivery and distributor cycle. That information is tied directly into the ordering and accounting systems which gives organizational leaders the ability to quickly and easily stock by piece and price by weight at ALL points of the process, from sales orders to shipment and absolutely everything in between.

Likewise, Prime is accessible via any device thanks to its integration with the Acumatica platform - allowing distributors to view and edit data wherever they are, absolutely no exceptions. They can be just as productive (and informed) on the warehouse floor as they can be during meetings with potential new customers or even traveling for business, which is an excellent position to be in for an industry that is already so fluid by its nature.

Prime also offers sophisticated route management capabilities, warehouse management and more. Even the Order Entry screen is designed with the specific concerns of this industry in mind, compiling all of the critical data necessary for ANYONE to speak to a buyer, a chef or some other type of customer, all within a simple-to-use and easy-to-understand screen.

In the end, the Prime solution is intended to improve the entire order-to-customer-to-cash cycle on behalf of everyone involved, offering a state-of-the-art piece of technology that is built specifically with the needs of food distributors in mind. Finally, these hardworking men and women have access to the actionable insight and accurate intelligence they need to make the right decisions at exactly the right moment.

Learn more: Get the Prime FoodService Distribution Software Fact Sheet

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  1. I represent a meat-packing and distribution company in Montreal Canada. We are searching for an ERP solution that supports catch weight inventory from a reputable provider with a Canadian customer list.

    Please send me our business card and I will send you an RFI describing our requirements

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