The Top 10 Attributes You’ll Love about Acumatica

What’s there to love about business management software? If you’ve never looked at Acumatica, I can count 10 benefits that you’re sure to fall in love with.

User Experience

#1 – Acumatica is available from anywhere, anytime and plays well on any browser and any OS (including MACs). You can view and interact with every Web page of the application from any internet connected device. Because Acumatica uses an adaptive design, you won’t need to resize, pan or scroll.
#2 – With Acumatica every user has the power to customize his or her own preferences in the user interface. Acumatica can be tailored to meet your needs with personalized dashboards. Also, role-based permissions allow access to whole applications, or specific fields only, maximizing the security of the system.
#3 – Acumatica’s global search rivals Google! It’s browser-based which increases productivity because users can find the information they need faster with simple keyword searches. Data entry is easier because Acumatica provides suggestions and auto-complete.

Application Functionality

#4 – A single database for ERP and CRM with real-time integrated processes to ensure data accuracy. Having an embedded CRM application is really, really huge. In my opinion, there’s pretty much no company out there that won’t find value in that. Acumatica’s CRM system provides the fundamentals, like lead and opportunity tracking, as well as pushing out marketing campaigns. The best part is that you don’t have to jump between systems or use any third party integration tools.
#5 – Embedded user-defined workflows such as automatically routing approvals. Not to mention a real-time connectivity with Excel (every accounting person will love that!).
#6 – Document management allows you to quickly and easily drag and drop documents, images, pdf’s, spreadsheets, scanned receipts and more! This is really great because it allows you to attach documents to financial transactions and to individual records in the system. You can also do a global search (noted above) for any document and view the different file versions. Our clients really love this feature.
#7 – Out-of-the-box, Acumatica includes credit card processing as well as shipping and carrier integration for distributors. With many other ERP solutions, these features are costly add-ons.


#8 – You can add users to the system, without having to purchase additional user licenses or install software on those users’ devices. Because Acumatica’s pricing is based on resource levels (processing power and data storage) you can have unlimited users and only adjust your resource level when/if needed.
#9 – Total flexibility with how you purchase and deploy. You can license the software through an annual subscription, or purchase it outright (perpetual model). The deployment options range from SaaS, hosted in a private cloud, or hosted on-premise. Where the software is hosted can always change too, based on the company needs.
#10 – Acumatica is a true cloud solution (one of only a handful of systems that can make that claim), with NO software installed on your device. Acumatica was built for the cloud, not adapted to the cloud, so the interface is streamlined and has a fresh, modern look and feel. This makes it particularly attractive to all the tech-lovers in your organization!


As a true built-for-the-cloud solution, Acumatica is a user-friendly, customizable and intuitive system, offering the flexibility of having unlimited users and the option of both subscription and perpetual licensing models. What company wouldn’t love that! So if you’re looking for a business management system you can fall in love with, check out Acumatica.

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