Acumatica vs Salesforce: Look Out For Three CRM Selection Criteria

Customer Relationship Management is abbreviated as CRM. It is a methodical approach used to handle interactions between your company and its customers. A robust CRM system can help in developing relationship with current and potential clients. By selecting suitable CRM, you can easily achieve success in your business.

Adoption is the key to successful implementation of CRM. Ease-of-use should be considered as the main feature while getting a CRM. In fact, low adoption rates is the primary cause for the failure of CRM. And as we all know, that there is no use of a tool that is difficult to use.

When you are about to choose, the best and the most appropriate CRM solution for your business, always consider these 3 given points: customization, integration, and ease of implementation. With reference to these points, a comparison between Acumatica and Salesforce might be useful for potential CRM buyers.

User Friendly Interface

Salesforce– Salesforce, is known for its aesthetic appeal and is easy to customize for users owing to its attractive interface. However, its permission systems are typically lengthy, requiring administrative intervention to grant permission and for almost all processes. Reporting is particularly easy with Salesforce. It allows the report to be customized by performance indicators and key analytics. Even the dashboard is easy to setup!

Acumatica– Acumatica has made it possible for users to design custom dashboards for individual roles. For instance, the monitoring of company sales is done by sales manager in real-time so they have a dashboard customized for allowing immediate access to sales data. The representatives would require a custom dashboard for tracking sales leads business opportunities.


Salesforce– AppExchange program is the greatest advantage of Salesforce. Its impressive market share is attractive for the app developers and has led them to its AppExchange platform; the number of apps made for Salesforce is massive. But vanilla Salesforce is fundamentally an elementary CRM tool. To use Salesforce at its best, one needs to invest time and money and the purchase the write apps for your business needs.

Acumatica – Unlike Salesforce, Acumatica is an enterprise resource planning software that was designed to incorporate CRM tools as integral elements of the core system and not merely add-on. Armed with a suite of application features, Acumatica ensures accuracy in marketing, sales-to-delivery, customer service and post-sales support. Access to data is particularly easier with Acumatica single, integrated database.

Easy Execution

SalesforceIt is most useful for companies with a big budget. It is suitable for companies who are ready to invest some extra money to customize their CRM tools with apps. Salesforce is a little difficult to implement for small and medium sized companies. Successful implementation requires knowledgeable and experienced admin, hiring whom adds to company overhead.

Acumatica–Acumatica, on the contrary provides limitless scalability. It is an ERP solution which is suitable for every business irrespective of their size. The feedback for Acumatica has shown it is much easier to work with and seamlessly integrate with existing company systems. Both Salesforce and Acumatica are cloud-based software. However, Acumatica provides a true, comprehensive cloud solution.

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