Why Acumatica is the Right Choice for Today’s Proactive Accountant

For over a year now, accountants have been forced to work a little differently than the traditional accountant. With today’s fast-paced environment and uncertainty of COVID-19, accountants need to be proactive, rather than reactive. If you’re waiting to respond to a problem and not looking for them, you’re already behind. How can Acumatica help you hunt for potential issues and solutions? Get the answers in a new e-book from Acumatica. But as a sneak peek, let’s look at Acumatica’s accounting features that make it a top choice of pros in the know.

Acumatica's Accounting Features Overview

Financial Management

Acumatica offers insightful financial statements that go beyond basic GAAP compliance. It also automates deferred revenue by using a schedule in advance. Adjustments are a big part of financial reporting, too. Acumatica allocates repeating journal entries to make the end of the month closings a breeze. You can choose your allocation and distribution methods. Many users love the way it organizes information. Clear cut structures allow for easy data entry and increased insights. Adjustments are easy to make, and information organized.


Cash Management

Acumatica makes managing the checkbook to plan future steps easy. You can customize the way you monitor cash and forecasting requirements. Sorting company credit cards, adding new customers, invoices and more with a single entry.


Vendor Management

Acumatica makes purchasing decisions simple. You can customize your documents and make the approval process faster. Never forget to enter a receipt again. With Acumatica, you can enter expenses on the go, thanks to the handy mobile app.


Inventory Management

Customizable items can be a pain to record, but not with Acumatica. It automates inventory counts, items, purchase orders, and stock replenishing. Stop wasting time chasing down inventory issues and get back to more important things. Plus, with Acumatica’s accounting tools, you can choose the costing methods that make the most sense for your business.


Customer Relationship Management

Long-term relationships are key to business success. That is why Acumatica offers a fully integrated CRM. Manage prospects and keep customer information up to date with a tool to connect your sales, marketing and service teams.


Project Accounting Management

This is where Acumatica’s accounting features shine. Let them help you quickly create estimates and work proactively to manage projects. With everything from scheduling to retainage, Acumatica has you covered.


Fixed Asset Management

Acumatica allows full control of all high dollar investments while making them easy to manage. Recording and calculating are automated and customizable. And the freedom to review different tax scenarios makes it simple to predict situations you may find yourself in.


User Management

Acumatica is all about empowering people and giving them as many options and opportunities as possible. The ability to share information easily while keeping it secure makes is another Acumatica feature many in accounting roles wonder how they ever lived without.


Ready to make your accounting department more proactive? With Acumatica you can be (and stay) one step ahead. Read the entire e-book to find other ways Acumatica’s accounting features put you in the driver’s seat to control your company financial future.

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