Becoming Truly Mobile in a Multi-Cloud World With Acumatica ERP

Acumatica ERPRemember the old days when doing business required that you be in the office to accomplish anything worthwhile? It wasn’t so long ago actually, but today, mobility is key and business practices are keeping up. Anywhere there is internet, with your smart phone or tablet and your data in the cloud, you can remain productive. Work from home, from a job site, or from another country, especially with Acumatica ERP. Harnessing the benefits of cloud computing gives you the freedom and mobility your predecessors only dreamed of.

Although cloud computing is becoming more and more popular, there are some factors to consider. The cloud is not one space somewhere out there. Various software solutions and applications are tied into various clouds. As an example, Salesforce provides its customers with its unique cloud application which is not the same as the one provided by the Zenefits cloud. Both can be accessed via mobile devices and both communicate with a browser, but they do not necessarily work with each other. This is the multi-cloud atmosphere that caters to businesses around the globe. Because cloud platforms and infrastructures differ, it can be a challenge to integrate your various cloud-based programs.

You’ll need to resolve those challenges in order to make your business truly mobile.

What really is “Truly Mobile”?

What are you thinking when we talk about Mobile? The first thing that comes to mind is the devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops. But Mobile also refers to your ability to move around and make use of your devices to conduct business wherever you want to.

Previously, your entire team was required to work at their desks because that’s where their computers were and your office housed the server. Software was installed on each person’s computer and individual, manual updates were performed when necessary. That involved a lot of time and expense, but before the cloud, that’s what was available. Remote access was sometimes possible, but it was very expensive and not very reliable.

Then browsers became ubiquitous and when they could be secured with HTTPS protocols, software companies began building applications to work within a browser rather than in your on-premises computers’ software. That was the beginning of the cloud. Things got simpler and at the same time more complex.

Thanks to the cloud, applications that can be accessed from both computer browsers and mobile devices have gained huge popularity over traditional software. And that’s because of the mobility they provide. Still, the challenge of integration needs to be resolved.

So, yes, true mobility is defined in terms of the physical devices, but also as the ability to integrate data and connect the work done on the various devices from any location.

For true mobility, you need software that works in the multi-cloud.

To achieve true mobility, it’s necessary to use software that works in the multi-cloud world to ease the complex issue of getting various software and applications to work together.

Browsers span applications, so you might believe that you can access all clouds with a single browser. That depends:

  • A browser provides a window into each individual cloud, but does not necessarily integrate those different sets of data across clouds. Moving back and forth between multiple apps is very inconvenient.
  • If you access complex cloud data using a browser on a mobile device, you may be limited by screen restrictions.
  • Many cloud applications provide customized mobile applications to enhance the user experience, but this means you need to download and maintain various mobile applications. Also, the mobile apps are designed to provide the widest level of use and appeal with limited customization capabilities. As your requirements change, the app may not be able to keep up.

Now you understand the mobility challenge: being able to access software and apps based in various clouds and having them communicate with each other easily no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

And here’s the solution:  Acumatica’s Outlook Integration with CRM.  Acumatica is a full service suite, bringing together every aspect of your business from finance, to sales and marketing, shipping and receiving, and sales management. With this Integration add-In, you can now seamlessly share information between your email and CRM system in ways never before possible with an ERP solution. And all of this is available through your mobile devices.

Having a platform that is specifically built to interact with the multi-cloud world will set your business up for success. Acumatica is working hard to ensure you have the flexible and adaptable platform, that will help you integrate your data despite the differing aspects that often underlie each cloud.

Download the IDC eBook: True Cloud Applications for Agile and Fast-Growing Businesses  to learn more.

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