New eBook: 10 Ways Cloud ERP Frees Your Finance Team from the Limitations of IT

As finance professionals, so many of you understand the constraints and restraints of your current ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

For example, waiting for your busy IT team to pull the reports you need to make critical business decisions.

This eBook looks at the challenges you are likely facing, delves into the ways that Cloud ERP can help you overcome those constraints, and shows you how can harness Cloud technology to your greatest advantage.

Here are the top 10 reasons elaborated in this eBook for moving to the Cloud:

  1. Modern Cloud financial management solutions put data in your hands with point-and-click ease.
  2. Say good-bye to upgrades that cost you time and money.
  3. Free up your IT team so they can work on what really matter, like workflows and BI (Business Intelligence)
  4. Cloud solutions provide a higher level of data security and protection against cyberattacks than you could possibly provide on your own.
  5. Every ERP system claims that their solution will help you stay ahead of the competition, but guess what! Today, if you’re not in the Cloud, you’re ability to stay ahead of your competition is limited.
  6. Offering your new hires the ability to work with a Cloud solution is a great way to attract top talent. When millennials see outdated systems, they groan. When they see Cloud-based solutions, they smile. And the reality is, we need millennials in our work force to remain cutting edge.
  7. Cloud solutions allow you to keep pace with advancements in technology and evolving business practices. The pace of change in the world of technology is so fast that last year’s best practices are already becoming outdated.
  8. Moving to the Cloud is in and of itself a strategic differentiator.
  9. Moving to the Cloud turns technology into an asset instead of a distraction.
  10. Cloud ERP systems are by and large more cost effective and definitely more efficient.

Don’t be held hostage. Don’t get left behind. Stay relevant. Stay ahead of the curve. The answer is in the Cloud!

Download the new white paper “Don’t Be Held Hostage: How Cloud ERP Frees Your Finance Team from the Limitations of IT”.

Why would you want to download this eBook? It’s chock full of compelling reasons to take a look at a pure Cloud solution for your company. Point by point, you’ll learn how your enterprise can save time and money with features and functionality that are only available in the Cloud.

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