Report Shows How to Increase ROI 2.1X By Switching Your Systems to the Cloud

Cloud Delivers ROICan you prove that cloud systems give a better ROI?

An informative white paper compiled by Nucleus Research aims to do just that. The report focuses on how cloud applications can save money and increase your ROI (return on investment).

You may be surprised to learn that cloud-based solutions can actually deliver 2.1X the ROI of traditional on-premises solutions.

Nucleus took a look at factors such as:

  • the initial investment for cloud solutions vs on-premises,
  • the ongoing costs of licensing and fees,
  • the time investment of personnel for training, troubleshooting and IT.

It also took into account that an interactive cloud application deflects a lot of the work time investment to others, such as customers. Plus the potential increase in business due to satisfied customers.

Download the report for full details: Cloud Delivers 2.1 Times More ROI.

As the cloud grows in use, software manufacturers are naturally interested in remaining competitive. This means that the latest technology and knowledge is continually being applied to these applications and they are becoming increasingly rich in features.

According to Rebecca Wettermann, an analyst at Nucleus Research:

“Companies continue to invest in cloud applications and infrastructure projects because of the lower initial cost and faster time to value. As more and more vendors have invested in moving their solutions to the cloud, the breadth of availability of cloud platforms, applications, and services has grown – as well as the complexity of cloud applications available.”

The start-up cost of cloud applications has always been lower than that of on-premises solutions, but the added advantages of adaptability, integration, free and automatic updates, and substantial IT maintenance savings will only continue to grow.

How Can You Save with Cloud Applications?

If you are considering moving your applications to the cloud, here are three percentage numbers from the white paper that will be of interest to you:

  1. Save on consulting and implementation fees: Implementation for cloud applications can be 63% lower than that of on-premises solutions. That number is up from 40% just five years ago.
  2. Save on support personnel:The cost for support personnel for cloud applications averages 55% lower than for that of on-premises solutions. Maintenance is done by the cloud provider so you may not even need an IT staff. And the cloud provider is obligated to fix problems completely – not just “good enough” to get by.
  3. Save resources: On average, cloud applications use 91% less energy to operate than do on-premises solutions. You’ll save money while helping the environment.

Another real selling point for cloud applications is that automatic upgrades are done by

the provider so you don’t have to set aside time and resources to schedule upgrades when features are added or changes are made.

Of course, as is true with on-premises applications, the success of investing in cloud applications depends on the vendor you choose to work with. It is worth investing time to do research up front to find a vendor who understands the needs of your business and whose work ethics mirror your own. Choose wisely and you’ll avoid having to make changes down the road. CAL Business Solutions can help you select the right applications and the right deployment for your particular business needs.

What Will You Do with the Money You Save?

With lower startup costs, increased flexibility, reduced need for IT support, and resource economy, cloud computing will add not only to your productivity, but also to your bottom line.

For more details and analysis, read the entire White Paper to see how cloud solutions are raising the ROI.

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