5 Things Non-Profits should know about Intacct

Cloud based ERP solutions like Intacct are an increasingly popular choice for Non-Profit organizations. Cloud means no need to purchase and maintain expensive IT infrastructure, and generally speaking, cloud based accounting software is easier to install and configure. Both of these mean lower costs for budget conscious Non-Profits. But beyond costs, Intacct has numerous features and functionality that are perfect. Here are 5:

Fund Accounting – as a non-profit, you get revenue from a variety of funding sources. That means you need to track where that money went and how it was used for reporting purposes. Intacct’s chart of account structure features dimensions that allow for easy statistical tracking and reporting.

Financial Processes – going beyond the chart of accounts, non-profits need a general ledger that allows them to analyze their financial information in presentation format. Intacct allows you to easily drill down to the transaction level of detail, and allows for a variety of hierarchy’s within your organization.

Financial Insight – cost conscious organizations need to stay on top of expenses. That means being able to identify cost issues while there is still time to take corrective action. With Intacct, you can create reports and dashboards that automatically combine operating dimensions with financial data, so you can identify cost overruns quickly.

True Cloud Solution – hosted ERP solutions certainly offer many advantages – but they are NOT the same as true cloud, and as such, you will not realize the full benefit you will when using Intacct.

Flexible Architecture – Intacct understands that many solutions will not to work with your ERP. That is why the software was designed with Interfaces and API’s that don’t require IT expertise. With a simple set up, you are off and running with many integrations that allow for transfers of financial information with the click of a button.

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By Intellitec Solutions, a Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics partner serving clients in Pennsylvania

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