Why Intacct Cloud ERP is Arguably the Optimum Solution for Select Organizations
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Why Intacct Cloud ERP is Arguably the Optimum Solution for Select Organizations

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Intacct Cloud ERP

Companies that are heavily project-based, government contractors, and/or make-to-order manufacturers need an ERP system that can handle highly specific requirements such as Microsoft Dynamics SL, whether on-premise or hosted.
But other small-to-mid-size organizations—nonprofits, professional services, software/SaaS, healthcare consulting, and hospitality—would benefit more from the multi-tenant Intacct Cloud ERP solution. Here are some reasons why:

Intacct Cloud ERP:

  • Unprecedented Automation – Here’s one example of many: Intacct enables changing or creating financial reports with a few clicks.
  • Productivity On/Offsite – Intacct is mobile-friendly and more productive at any-location, on any-device, w/ access to Dashboards and self-selected reports.
  • Powerful Revenue Recognition Solution – Intacct has the first-to-market Contacts and Revenue Management solution that addresses the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Rev Rec rules.
  • Great Fit for Software Companies - Fast-growing software companies can automate complex financial processes and subscription billing with Intacct.
  • Nonprofits Thrive on Intacct – By doubling productivity, lessening reliance on IT staff, enhancing visibility into performance, and improving grant management.
  • Services Companies Find Flexibility – They easily track, manage, and report on profitability, projects, and other financial trends across multiple entities.
  • Powerful Dashboards and Reporting – Provides total visibility for executives and all your stakeholders.
  • Quarterly Automatic Upgrades – Intacct’s cloud technology enables faster delivery of innovation and improved capabilities with no operational disruptions.
  • Preferred by the AICPA – The AICPA chose Intacct Cloud ERP as their preferred provider of financial management applications.
  • Eliminate Hardware and IT from Your TCO – Cloud means no servers required and you minimize your IT effort. Your total cost goes down.
  • World-Class Security – With economies of scale, Cloud brings state-of-the-art security, backups, and disaster recovery way beyond a do-it-yourself model.
  • Easy Integration with the Best Third-party Apps – Because of its open-API technology, Intacct integrates with myriad best-in-class applications. You don’t have to settle for a suite of applications, but choose what’s best for you.
  • Integration with Salesforce – Intacct has the deepest, seamless integration with Salesforce.com.
  • Intacct #1 in Customer Satisfaction – “It’s worth the investment” is a common quote from clients on Intacct. See the G2 Crowd Report.
  • Top Solution for QuickBooks Graduates – No more extra data entry, workarounds with spreadsheets, and too-basic reports.
  • A Stellar ROI – Due to eliminating the hidden costs of their old system, companies on Intacct average a six-month payback period and a 250% ROI!


If you are researching or curious about a modern, cloud-based option, such as Intacct, visit this web page to download a Resource Kit to learn more. It includes the white paper, 7 Reasons to Move to Cloud Financials:


by Synergy Business Solutions

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