Recipe for Success – Choosing Your ERP Software

In a previous blog, we discussed how you can tell if your software system needs to be replaced. So if you've decided that you want to replace the software system at your company, here’s the recipe for successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection.


Software Selection is a Journey

Selecting the right ERP software solution is a journey. Before you leave on any good trip you want to make sure that you're properly packed. It’s important to make sure that you have the authority, the sponsorship, and the governance for the software selection and implementation initiative. You’re also going to need to set expectations in terms of the timing, budget and the resources to get this done. Similarly, you’ll need to identify the stakeholders and subject matter experts who need to participate in this project. You'll want to designate a leader or a manager to run this project, and you'll need to decide whether you go it alone as an organization or to seek external help from consultants.


The Do’s and the Don’ts

The next thing to think about are the do's and the don'ts. For starters, don't work in a vacuum. Make sure to get the whole team involved as you move through the selection and implementation process. Don't act on a hunch. Oftentimes, software solutions are selected merely through word of mouth, or “my neighbor who knows a guy..”, etc. Make sure to be objective about this. Do treat this as a project with a portfolio, a charter, a work plan, and a communication plan. You’ll also want to expect some changes or standardization in terms of your processes as you move through the selection process. And remember you're not just shopping for software. You want to find a good value-added reseller who can act as your solution partner.


Taking a Fresh Look

Think about taking a fresh look at your current software systems, what's in scope and out of scope for the replacement. Take a fresh look at your processes. Look for ways to standardize and simplify your processes ahead of getting the new system. Think about what's coming over the horizon in terms of regulatory changes, or future opportunities that your company may want to pursue. Think about ways to quantify and identify your current pain points. And last but not least, figure out how to maintain momentum as you go through software selection and implementation.


When going through the software selection process, make sure to follow your project plan, make adjustments where necessary, hold your people accountable to participate in this project, and communicate.


Join us next time when we’ll discuss the finer points of documenting the selection process, connecting market research, and evaluating your options. For more information, contact The Resource Group.


by Gary Volland, The Resource Group

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  1. Great post as we all know Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a category of business-management software. Typically a suite of integrated applications—that an organization can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including:
    ·Product planning, purchase
    ·Manufacturing or service delivery
    ·Marketing and sales
    ·Inventory management
    ·Shipping and payment
    ·Finance, etc.

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