3 Tips for Selecting the Right Cloud Implementation Partner

Many businesses today evaluating a new ERP solution consider cloud based options like Intacct as a way to keep IT costs down and help ensure a fast implementation. Once they have found the right cloud software, they then to find the right partner to implement it, just as they would for an on-premise solution When doing so, companies would be well advised to keep in mind these 3 tips for selecting a cloud partner:


  1. You need someone who knows your business. The cloud has changed many things when it comes to ERP, but at its core, it is still software to help you run your company more efficiently. You still need a partner who has worked with your industry, who knows the pain points, who knows how to configure reports so you get a good snapshot of financial health. Having said that, make sure your partner understands that:
  2. Cloud and On-Premise are very different structures. Some partners that have been dealing with on-premise software for years – or even decades – have become adept at solving problems by writing heavy customization or SQL scripts to solve gaps that an ERP solution does not address. In an on-premise environment, that can be a great workaround. But in a cloud based solution, you will not be able to touch the database the same way. You need to work with a partner who can configure the solution to meet your needs, as opposed to writing code to customize.
  3. Support is critical. A cloud based solution is assessable from any device with an internet connection. This may mean that people will be working on evenings and weekend perhaps more than they otherwise would. Make sure you pick a partner that can troubleshoot problems for you on your time frame,


In the end, many of the old rules for selecting the right ERP partner still apply for cloud based solutions. There are key differences though, and by keeping those in mind, you can increase the chances of selecting the best partner.

By Intellitec Solutions, a Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics partner serving clients in Pennsylvania

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