Compare Popular ERPs Based on What Real Users Actually Think

If you’re shopping for ERP software today, you have an overwhelming number of choices to select from. And what makes your job even harder is the fact that each vendor has a marketing and PR team hard at work creating a deluge of content designed to make you feel as though their solution is unequivocally the best.

While this content can be helpful, cutting through the clutter and finding the nuggets of information that speak to your business requirements and are truly useful to you can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. If you’re like most decision-makers, one thing you really want to know when you compare popular ERPs is what do real users think.

The good news is, the Internet makes unearthing this information during the ERP selection process much easier than it was in the past. In days gone by, the only way to get this information was to ask for a list of references from potential ERP vendors. Then, call each one, crossing your fingers you would be lucky enough to get someone on the phone willing to take time out of their busy day to chat and share useful experiences.


There’s a better way.

Now, there are several popular analyst companies, G2, Trust Radius, Software Advice, and Infotech to name a few who analyze business software across industries and departments to build a library of software buying advice and resources not beholden to a specific brand.

Some of these analyst firms take their research a step further to include product reviews from real users and then rank the competitors in the software category based on how real users view them. One such report ERP buyers often find useful when they’re looking for insight into how an ERP system will affect users is the Net Emotional Footprint from Info-Tech.


How does the report compare popular ERPs?

This one-of-a-kind analysis compares 23 mid-market ERP solutions across many aspects of the often-complicated ERP vendor/ client relationship, including:

  • Service
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation and contract
  • Strategy and innovation


How can it help me?

With 853 real customer reviews in one convenient location, this report is a can’t miss for serious ERP buyers who want to get a clearer picture of what a potential ERP vendor will be like to work with. Inside you will uncover:

  1. Which four vendors earned the award of champion (those with the highest emotional footprint score).
  2. What is the emotional footprint score assigned to each of the 23 vendors covered in the report and what does that mean to users.
  3. How real users feel about their ERP vendor, thanks to their answers to 25 emotion laden questions.

Get ready to separate the reliable from the unreliable, the liars from the trustworthy, the greedy from the generous and the disrespectful from the respectful. Download the Infotech emotional footprint report to compare popular ERPs today!

Need a little hands-on help to simplify the process of selecting ERP software? Schedule a free one-on-one discovery call with one of our ERP experts, where will delve into your front office and industry specific needs, budget, and timeline to recommend a solution to drive your business forward.

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