Five Easy Ways to Improve ERP Adoption

It’s time to upgrade your business management system. Your business has decided to follow through with ERP adoption, this is a big decision and process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. With remote working, it is important now more than ever to stay connected with your customers and your team. With any big change, problems can arise. Some employees are more likely to stay stuck in their ways, while others will have a smooth transition. In any case, there are ways to improve ERP adoption chances. Here are five simple ones you can implement.


Maintain equitable representation of all departments

It is easy to get stuck on a few features the new ERP software offers. But each department will have their own wants and needs. From the get-go, allowing each department to give feedback is imperative so that the right ERP is chosen. Even more important is direct feedback from the exact employees who’ll be using this system every day. Remember to stick with that mindset during the entire adoption process. Especially with the lengthier ones, checking in with employees and seeing what they like and dislike about the process is a must.



Plan to focus on efficiency

When you are in the middle of your adoption process, it is easy to forget why you started it in the first place. Companies have different goals, whether it be to improve finances, help their employees, increase safety, or all the above. One thing every business wants is to be as efficient as they can. On the days you encounter resistance to change from users, remind them that it is a different approach, but in the end, it’ll help them become more efficient. At the same time, just transferring everything from paper to digital isn’t an instant fix. Efficiency means different things to different companies. Being aware of that is a must to improve ERP adoption.


Stick to your strengths

Sometimes adding an ERP to your business can feel like a makeover or revamp. In some ways it is, but it is easy to forget your core values and basics of your business are still the same. For many companies, the way they communicate with their customers is a large part of their success. So, changing that part of their strategy could hurt them in the long run. Before changing your workflows and defining data fields, look at where you need to improve, while staying true to what’s working.


Offer different options for training

Having a well-rounded group of people is a good thing. They bring a variety of ideas to the table. That also means they work and learn in different manners. To make sure you cover everyone, offer multiple types of training methods. Look for hands-on training, as well as work at your own pace learning methods. Especially with remote working at an all-time high, video sessions will be imperative. This can help workflow continue, while making the users feel supported during the adoption process.


Manage Expectations

To improve ERP adoption, it’s important everyone is on the same page from the beginning. This means the business case for adopting an ERP needs to be clear. Everyone must know how their job is changing and why the changes are being made. Do not expect immediate acceptance from your employees, but make sure they fully understand what’s happening. Promote patience and flexibility as well. Your employees may feel like they’ve been given added work in the beginning but remind them if they see the transition through their jobs should become easier.


ERP adoption is not a trivial task, nor should it be. It is a process that needs a team behind it for the long haul. Want to learn more? Check out our e-book about keeping your ERP project on budget. Are you still thinking about adopting an ERP for your business? Contact Us.

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